Unfortunately, we’re now in a space where people are making plans for isolation, either voluntarily or unvoluntarily. As a parent of two, the prospect does concern me because it can be very hard to keep kids engaged at home. So I would like to say a big thank you to Disney for the well-timed release a couple of blockbusters, one well ahead of schedule.

Rise of Skywalker is due tomorrow and what great timing it is. There are multiple reports – mainly overseas – that users are able to stream it on some platforms already.

Frozen II was originally set for digital release in June but is now available to stream and buy through multiple providers. Of course, as an Android and Google site the Play Store listing caught our eyes first but you can also stream it on Disney+ if you’re subscribed there.

Screen time is certainly not my go-to in order to entertain the kids, but sometimes parents just need a break. Disney has offered a potential solution for the coming weeks. Parents just need to hope the songs aren’t too catchy and the kids can let it go!