Telegram is one of the many messaging options available in the current market. Its true cross-platform capability makes it very attractive to users like myself who use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even occasionally… iOS.

That broad connectivity focus is undoubtedly one of the drivers for their steady user base growth, now topping 500 Million downloads on the Play Store. Combine this with their Telegram X (a more niche version of the app offering a couple of UI differences) plus their App Store users bring them to an impressive total of over 400 Million active monthly users.

A point of note: Telegram is not an end-to-end encrypted app by default. You can use optional end-to-end encrypted “secret” chats providing you and the other user are online. Any group chats or channels you’re participating in are not protected end-to-end, but rather client to server. Voice calls are encrypted end-to-end.

That’s not to say your messages are sent as plain text of course, but rather they’re decrypted and stored on a central server. Depending on your use case, the ability to log in to a new device and immediately have your chat history available could outweigh that need. The ease of use and cross-platform functionality is a big winner in my book making it a viable alternative to so many other messaging apps.

What features bring you to your preferred messaging app?

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Wisam al janabi

great choice I have been using it for a few years now. the channels option is great one as well where you subscribe to a channel and they send you their latest posts.


I do like being able to send 1.5gig video files over a messager service. No other messager service can do that?

Dennis Bareis

I’m not moving to any new messaging app that doesn’t support screen sharing + video meetings