Enpass is one of the seemingly endless password management options, but last week they pushed towards the front of the pack. The feature introduced removes the need to sync your password vault via the cloud on your devices. While they do have multiple cloud storage options, Enpass is one of the options that doesn’t rely on their storage but on your cloud accounts.

Wi-Fi sync removes this need outright, provided your devices are on the same network. For this feature to work, your desktop or laptop will run as a server, with mobile devices syncing with it. Cloudless sync is available to all paid users of Enpass, with the developers noting it’s for:

someone who is extremely security conscious, then Enpass Wi-Fi Sync is just what you’ve been looking for as your data will never leave your local network.

The information available shows it should be really easy to setup too:

  • On the Enpass desktop app, go to Enpass Settings → Wi-Fi Sync and add the vaults to the server
  • They’re now available for sync from mobile devices: Simply setup that particular vault to sync wirelessly vs cloud on the app

In a world where online security is becoming a stronger focus, it’s a smart move to take your password storage offline. Of course, your devices are potentially still vulnerable if you’re not using good practices but this is one risk that can be easily mitigated.