Given the state of online storage currently, anyone offering unlimited storage is going to get some attention. When it’s a name as well known as GoPro, it’s a really attractive offer.

The additional storage comes as part of the US$9.99 per year subscription fee, allowing unlimited backup for your mural data and is a very cheap offering. As part of this, by giving the app access to media on your device you can also create automatic videos even if you don’t own a GoPro:

Quik subscribers will benefit from automatic video creation, premium themes, GoPro Original music, exclusive filters and premium editing tools to take their photo and video content to the next level. Today, subscribers can add unlimited mural backup at 100% source quality to that list.

Mural is a great feature, much the same as events/albums in Google Photos or Facebook photos. It allows you to create individual memories that you save as a mural, including the source videos and photos. Perhaps at the price, this could become a replacement for users — prepared to switch platforms — to replace Google Photos or other cloud storage options.