Once off, you can ignore it but when it becomes multiple times a day issue: Getting added to spam groups in Telegram is really annoying. Luckily there is an easy fix to this, it’s just a couple of layers deep in the menus and not turned on by default.

To stop the spammers you’ll need to

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Privacy and Security
  • Then open Groups

In Groups the default setting is for “Everybody” to be able to add you to groups. Change this to “My Contacts” and most of that particular problem is solved. You’ll still get added to groups, but hopefully not the pure spam based ones.

Depending on your use of Telegram, you can also prevent anyone who is not in your contact list from messaging. What’s beautiful about the granular settings is the fact that you get to choose.

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Thank you! This has been really annoying lately – perhaps someone getting my number online or just guessing and being added to random bitcoin/investing groups.