With Google and Amazon taking a commanding lead in the consumer smart speaker market we weren’t surprised when Samsung announced their Galaxy Home branded smart speaker. Of course, it was going to be powered by Bixby, arguably (not) the most popular Virtual Assistant.

With Samsung having missed the original release date for the Galaxy Home, today we’ve got a consolation prize – a slightly smaller AI Powered speaker has cleared the FCC.

There’s not a lot to go on the the filings other than Samsung have a device they describe as an “AI Speaker” and it includes WiFi and Bluetooth. We did get a nice shot of the device along with it’s compliance label, meet the SMV310.

The device seems to be sized between a Google Home Mini and a standard Google Home and does not have any batteries listed in the filing. With Samsung bullishly promoting Bixby on their Galaxy devices we thing it’s more than likely that this will be a smaller affordable Bixby powered speaker rather than Samsung’s first Google Assistant device.