Virgin OzHarvest
Going hungry is no fun for anyone, OzHarvest has been distributing surplus food to the needy since 2004. Today Virgin Mobile has announced that they’re going to try to help out, announcing a partnership with OzHarvest, which will allow you to help them out just by sharing a picture of your meal on Social Media and adding the hashtag #mealforameal.

People are definitely going hungry in Australia. There are approximately 2 million Aussies reliant on food relief every year, and food services like OzHarvest still can’t meet the demand. This is where the #MealforaMeal campaign comes in. Every time you add the hashtag #mealforameal to your picture when sharing it on social media, Virgin Mobile will donate to OzHarvest. With the #MealforaMeal campaign Virgin Mobile is aiming to deliver 400,000 meals through OzHarvest – that’s a lot of meals.

And we all do it, in fact 7 out of 10 Australians have admitted to sharing a picture of their meal on social media. Third only to Location shots and Selfies. That’s a lot of #FoodPorn pictures, so adding a hashtag to your picture will certainly go some way to making a dent in the problem if everyone does it.

To launch the initiative, they’ve partnered up with some big names in the food industry including Master Chefs George Calombaris, DJ, chef and writer Andrew Levins and Pattiessiere extraordinaire Adriano Zumbo. Of the habit that most people have of Instagraming or taking pictures of his meals to share on Social Media, Adriano Zumbo said

It’s hard to remember a day that one of my creations wasn’t posted to social media. The rise of the smartphone and food
photography has gone hand-in-hand. While I definitely think it’s a positive that people are sharing a love of food with their
phones, and the exposure for our industry has been incredible, I would also like to see how this phenomenon could have
a more positive impact on the world. The mobile phone is such a cool device, why not use it to help those in need?

Other celebrities are getting on-board too, including Jane Lynch and head of Virgin, Richard Branson:

If you want to start today – go for it, just add the #mealforameal hashtag to your next meal to do your part. If you want to know more about the campaign and find further ways you can show your support head to