Vodafone and Spotify are set to enter into an exclusive partnership, the companies announced overnight.

Specific details of the arrangement weren’t announced, with ink still drying on contracts last night but both companies are excited at the possibilities and plan to announce offers for both prepaid and postpaid customers in the next few weeks, promising “game changing”, unrivalled offers.

A Spotify Premium subscription currently costs $12 per month. If the price of this subscription was to be absorbed into a Vodafone Red plan(for example) it could tip the balance in favour of the carrier for Spotify customers. The companies were keen to point out that smartphones are increasingly the platform of choice for music streaming, with 1.5 million Australians regularly streaming music on their phones.

Another of our favoured theories is that Vodafone might be preparing to make Spotify an unmetered service. While Telstra continues to offer unmetered streaming of music from its MOG service, we’re yet to see other carriers step up to provide a similar service to their customers. Perhaps Vodafone will be the first to do so? Depending on usage levels, this might end up a better deal for some users.

What would you like to see from the Vodafone/Spotify partnership? Tell us in the comments!

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Unmetered would be very attractive. I’m on Google Play Music but could be persuaded ……


Unmetered Spotify on prepaid and I’m there.

Their $50 prepaid cap with 3.5GB [when recharged online] of data and unlimited calls/sms/mms sounds like a winner especially with LTE850 coverage coming to most metro areas by the end of the year.


I’d be there as well!


After the contempt Telstra/MOG/Beats have treated their android customers with their horrible, buggy, feature lacking app that is effectively abandonware this is perfect news. The Telstra rep on whirlpool has been asking people to ‘be patient’ for far too long and this couldn’t come soon enough if it is unmetered and competitively priced


Unmetered Spotify would also take me to Vodafone


Awesome, so now when Vodafone customers are roaming on Telstra because the Vodafone service is so horrendous they can even BIGGER bills because they still think the Spotify usage is free….

The Thing

Vodafone roam onto Optus and they also don’t get charged Extra for it.

They stopped being Three last year mate.


My wife is on Vodafone. We spent a week at Beechworth where there was no Vodafone native surface, so she was constantly on ‘roam’ (apologies, it could have been Optus. She came from Three which did roam to Telstra), came home to a nasty bill.
This was in March.


It Spotify becomes unmetered then I’ll become a Vodafone customer


Just about to find a new carrier. If this come to fruition with unmetered I will be all over it.


Unmetered spotify would be the best thing to come out of this.