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One Big Switch
Back in April, group buying website One Big Switch took aim at the mobile and broadband industry, aiming to take their mass market power to the carriers to leverage a better deal. The prospect of a better deal attracted over 670,000 Aussies keen to see what they could negotiate and the first deals are now here.

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The Mobile offer is a SIM-only plan, available on a 12 month contract. The plan offers users the usual unlimited standard national talk and text from most plans, but also adds in 300 minutes of standard international talk to selected countries. The big kicker is the 10GB of data included in the plan, a very attractive option, slightly better value than their normal $40 plan which offers only 8GB of data.

In comparison to the competition, Vodafone offers a $50 per Red month plan on a 12-month contract with 10GB of data, as well as 300 minutes of international calls to selected countries, but throws in unlimited standard txt to international numbers. Telstra also offers a 10GB plan on a 12-month contract but you’ll pay $60 per month.

All three companies offer bonuses for their customers, with Optus offering free content including Cricket and of course the English Premier League – if you take up the offer before the 31st of July. Vodafone offers their customers a choice of either 12 months Spotify Premium, Stan, or news subscription from The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age websites. Telstra offers a number of bonuses including AFL/NRL live passes, as well as 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive storage – and 6-months of Apple Music subscription.

Mobile Broadband
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It’s a pretty attractive offer for their mobile customers, but One Big Switch has also negotiated a mobile broadband deal as well. The mobile broadband deal is also from Optus, offering 10GB of data for $35 per month on a 24-month contract. The plan comes with a choice of either a 4G USB Wi-Fi Modem with Car Adaptor OR Alcatel Pixi 7” Tablet. Customers who sign up to the deal before the 31st of July will also get the English Premier League deal as well.

Comparatively, Telstra offers 10GB of data with a range of 4G routers and broadband dongles for $55 per month. Vodafone offers either 8GB of data for $30 per month, or 13GB for $50 per month.

These are two pretty decent offers, so it’s worth heading over to One Big Switch to check out what they have to offer. Remember this is on the Optus network, so check their coverage map to make sure you’re covered before signing up.

Source: One Big SwitchOptus One Big Switch Offer.
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    Alexei Watson

    PSA: students can get a further 10% off ($36/month)


    This deal has been available for months to people not part of one big switch. Also 35 a month for 10gb mobile broadband or $40 for the same deal including unlimited calls and easily tether your phone/tablet as a mobile hotspot or insert it into a usb dangle modem yourself. I’d pick the $40 deal!


    Easy to talk out your proverbial A*se when the plan you say has been available for months is not even on the Optus website. Their current SIM-Only plan for $40 gives you 8GB of data – go check out the Optus website.


    Can confirm. I’m on $40/mo 10GB 12 month SIM only plan with Optus. They had it on special back in Dec 2015. They offered it again in March 2016. Thanks to Ozbargain.