LG’s latest hotness, the G6 which launched at Mobile World Congress this week is arriving in Australia later this month.

The LG G6 will be landing in Australian stores on March 28th according to LG Australia, with Telstra picking up the carrier exclusive on the phone. There’s no information on plans or pricing as yet, with LG promising more details will be available closer to the launch date.

The LG G6 was a bit of a hit with the Ausdroid team at Mobile World Congress, the phone comes with a lovely 5.7″ QHD LCD 18:9 aspect ratio display with dual-camera on the rear. Even with a Snapdragon 821 on board the phone seems to be quite the head turner, especially in terms of design – though you can read our hands-on here.

Bruce Leigh, Marketing Manager for Mobile at LG Electronics Australia says:

We’re delighted to be bringing the LG G6 to Australia so soon. Australians are increasingly spending more time viewing content on their smartphones and the LG G6 has been designed with these types of consumer trends in mind, most notably providing a big screen that actually fits in one hand, so you can see more and hold less. The G6 has functions Australians have come to expect, such as wide angle cameras, water resistance, finger print security and the latest Google enhancements.

We’ll be checking out the plans and finding out about retail availability as we get closer to launch.

Is the LG G6 your next phone?

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Alex Rockemer

I went for the Samsung Galaxy S8+

Better/Newer hardware Regular Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 .
More Features Galaxy S8 vs LG G6.
Almost equal value Galaxy S8 vs LG G6.
Galaxy S8 comes with VR gear worth $199 and AKG earbuds worth $99 which means dollar for dollar the S8 has better value then the G6!

Alex Rockemer

Overall the LG G6 & the Galaxy S8 will cost about the same LG being around $80AUD cheaper but the LG G6 is only from Telstra on a plan and has 9 to 12 month old hardware where as the Galaxy is both locked & unlocked from multiple sellers, newest top tier hardware better look and includes free stuff ($199 VR headset & $99 AKG earbuds) include these items in the price tag make the Galaxy S8 even cheaper then the LG G6 LG really top tier prices for a last gen hardware and a pretty body only thing the… Read more »


$672 USD is $870 in AUD based purely on currency conversion; there’s nothing else factored into that at all. Add $87 in GST, at the bare minimum, and you’re at $957. Factoring shipping and landing costs, an Australian wall plug, local warranty and support, and you’re not far off the ~ $1000 that Telstra will be selling the G6 for.


Well, I am with Optus, so this phone is ruled out. Good one LG.

Alex Rockemer

No real loss as the LG G6 had last gen specs while the Galaxy 8 has latest specs roughly equal price tag but the Galaxy S8 has free VR Gear & AKG earbuds in the price tag which in reality makes the S8 even cheaper than the LG G6!

VR headset are $199 retail!
AKG Earbuds are $99 retail!

The LG G6 is only (between 60 to 80 AUD!) cheaper then the Galaxy S8 So ask yourself what is the better value for money?!


There’s lots of questions in the comments that we don’t have answers for just yet, though we will soon, with a retail launch happening in coming weeks. We will endeavour to find out more about possible retail partners, pricing etc. and report back to you.

Alex Rockemer

Overall the LG G6 & the Galaxy S8 will cost about the same LG being around $80AUD cheaper but the LG G6 is only from Telstra ATM on a plan and has 9 to 12 month old hardware where as the Galaxy is both locked & unlocked from multiple sellers right now. The S8 has the newest top tier hardware a better look and includes free stuff ($199 VR headset & $99 AKG earbuds) include these items cost in the price tag and it make the Galaxy S8 even cheaper then the LG G6! LG has top tier prices for… Read more »

Major Sceptic

Hi gang , anyone know what version bluetooth the G6 is running ? i had a gig on gsmarena and they list it with …. (v4.2, A2DP, LE, aptX HD ) , not that GSM is wrong , just trying to verify its correct , i look on the lg site and theres no mention of the G6 as yet . The sony premium has 5.0 bluetooth , and i believe the galaxy S8 will have 5.0 as well , not a deal breaker im sure , but apparently 5.0 brings with it some improvements …allegedly 🙂 . I cant… Read more »

Yianni soc

Not sure exactly, but 5.0 is definitely massively better than 4.x.
Especially with IoT this year I’d try and get v5.0

Major Sceptic

Yep , same thoughts running through my mind too .
cheers .

Alex Rockemer

Bluetooth 5.0 uses around 40% less power while giving around 40 to50% more area coverage then the older 4.2 version!

Alex Rockemer

LG G6 is Bluetooth 4.2, Samsung is already on 5.0 it is all about the SoC!

Not too sure about the Xepria but if it has Bluetooth 5.0 with a SnapDragon 820 or 821 it has to be an external chip on the motherboard and not part of the SoC!

Major Sceptic

Ok thanks mate .

Mark Coombes

I would assume JB-Hifi will have the outright Retail option, article only states Telstra has the carrier exclusive. The Telstra/JB arrangement was in place for the Pixel as well.

Alex Rockemer

No release date for unlocked G6 yet some weird deal Telstra & LG did, JB & Harvey Norman should both get them but April 21st though! I Chose the Galaxy S8+ as it was avaliable for preorder and unlocked already and over all had a newer CPU/GPU/SoC as well as an Iris scanner a bigger screen and overall a more advanced look and when you consider the Galaxy S8 & LG G6 will be around the same cost why get one with a year old SoC and is not even avalibe for prorder yet outside of Telstra when the G6… Read more »

Alex Rockemer

In fact if you count the Free VR Gear ($199 retail!) & AKG Earbuds ($99 retail!) in the device cost and not as so called free gifts! The Galaxy S8 works out to be cheaper then the LG G6 even though the S8 over all has much better/newer hardware!

Andrew White

Glad telstra are supporting this, might consider a plan after buying outright for several years.
The black version with the quad dac and 128gb of on-board storage destined for the Asian market is my preference.
Wireless charging (US version)is still slow and makes no sense with the G6 ‘Quick Charge 3’ capable.
Will telstra with their in store and marketing support offer us a choice of colours and storage options?

Alex Rockemer

The S8 have Quick Charge 4.0 as well as fast wireless charging a better CPU & GPU as well as WiFi & Bluthooth card then the G6 but will cost around the same?

The G6 is a great device but with these specs should have come out last year Q3 or Q4 not in the start of Q2 in 2017!


I only buy outright these days… so I guess this rules out the G6.

The phone itself looks great, so hopefully LG haven’t shot themselves in the foot with an exclusive only launch.

Alex Rockemer

It looks good but has 12 month old specs while the S8 has the latest and greates tech like Bluetooth 5.0 not 4.2, Exynos9 (= to Qualcomms SnapDragon 835) not SnapDragon 821, 1gig download speeds not 600megabytes and so on! Do not get me wrong the LG G6 looks great and runs great according to trusted reviews but they are asking too much for year old hadware where as Samsung S8 has about an equal price tag to the G6 but with much newer and higher speced hardware and in my opion an even better look and while the Galaxy… Read more »


Is the LG G6 your next phone?
Not if it’s only available through Telstra.
These exclusive deals should be made illegal.


couldn’t agree more its anti competitive behavior

Alex Rockemer

Went for the Galaxy S8+ myself as the Galaxy 8 has more features like Wireless charging and hifi DAC (G6 has one or the other not both!) and Iris scanner newer hardware (Exynos9/Snapdragon 835 over Snapdragon 821 Bluetooth 5.0 vs 4.2 which has better range and less power consumption and so on!), similar level of cost regular Galaxy S8 vs G6!


More Telstra exclusives?! I can only assume Telstra are throwing around money to get the exclusive, otherwise LG are just limiting their customer base.


Telstra exclusivity was the reason I didn’t the Pixel when it came out so I decided to to wait for the G6. I will only get this phone if its well priced outright.


Nope. After the G5 fail and the lack of 4G+3G support for the dual SIM model don’t think I will bother. Still very much happy with the Moto Z play with real world 2 day battery life operating dual SIMS and dedicated SDCard

Alex Rockemer

Agreed the LG G6 has year old hardware but is costing around 40 to 60 AUD less then the Galaxy S8 with the newesy top tier hardware! Also LG G6 came out a little while ago but is not for sale downunder unlocked yet while the Galaxy S8 is taking pre-orders already and with free VR remote & headset worth $199 and AKG Earbuds worth $99 which if you take off that value makes the Galaxy S8 even cheaper than the LG G6 WTF! I like LG but they make some dumb mistakes! Overall better/newer hardware, more stuff for the… Read more »