Telstra are quick to spruik the value of their network, noting that its customers will be among the first in the world to experience a 1Gbps 4G smartphone in the form of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

Andrew Volard, Director of Devices, said Telstra’s network was one of the world’s first gigabit enabled networks in selected areas and customers with a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ could experience smartphone data speeds among the fastest in the world.

“We are creating a new kind of network primed for huge growth in video streaming and social sharing. Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ owners will be first to experience improved smartphone download data speeds allowing them to get the most out of these beautiful new smartphones with their brilliant infinity displays.

Customers in 4GX coverage areas can look forward to download speeds up to 50 per cent faster than those available on the next fastest smartphone for a more reliable streaming experience and faster web browsing.

And in an era where Australians are taking to social media to share video livestreams and photography on the go, Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners in Telstra 4GX coverage areas will be able share at speeds up to 50 per cent faster than previously possible on a Galaxy smartphone,” Mr Volard said.

Telstra customers will also be able to benefit from clever voice call technology integrated into Telstra’s mobile network and both new phones.

Telstra Wi-Fi calling will automatically transfer mobile calls on the new Galaxy phones between Telstra’s 4G network and Wi-Fi (even while the call is in progress) and allow owners to make and receive mobile calls in Australia wherever there’s an accessible Wi-Fi connection – extending voice coverage to places in a home or apartment where a mobile signal may not reach. And, 4G voice calling will provide Galaxy owners quicker call set-up times, high definition voice quality and a faster web browsing experience when on a call.

Other Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ features include IP68 water and dust resistance to protect against accidental spills and splashes, an Iris Scanner to unlock the phone in the blink of an eye and even more space for photos and videos with up to 256GB expandable micro SD storage.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be available from Telstra in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and Maple Gold on a range of plans, which are yet to be revealed in detail, though pre-order will begin on 31 March with the same Gear VR / Controller combo offer that Optus and Virgin Mobile are offering.

Customers who pre-order early, can also receive their phone from 21 April — up to 7 days ahead of the in-store launch. For more information or to pre-order online customers can go to

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John Bousattout

Tempted by this. However, i have to see what the Pixel 2 will have on board.
Currently happy with Telstra and loving that they are always upgrading their network. I should have a new phone by the end of the year.


Wow, world’s fastest phone network speeds combined with the highest priced data, magic.


Yes, but imagine how quickly you can burn through that stingy and expensive data allowance!

Joey Ross

1Gbps??? B/s! I’m currently with Telstra, live and work in Sydney CBD and my iPhone 6s which is capable of 300Mbps only gets 10Mbps. I was getting 21Mbps back in the day on HSDPA+!

All that headroom but no network capacity to achieve anything near those speeds. What’s the point???


You are spot on. Always bragging about their capabilities but in reality you never even get close. Seems to get slower every day.


So true!

Work just gave me a very flashy looking Netgear Nighthawk M1 (which is like 5x bigger than my old failed 4GX WiFI Advanced) and sitting right in the middle of Perth CBD, Perth Underground station to be precise I get …. 22MBps! In fact I get better uploads (~26MBps) than downloads.

Exactly the same as the even older 4G WiFi device I had. In fact I once speedtested that up to 50MBps in East Perth.

Not even 10m away from a Telstra shop too 😀


Looks like I’m staying up until midnight tonight.