If you’re a Telstra broadband customer and not getting any data this morning, you’re not alone. Their investigations into the issue have found that their DNS servers are experiencing a cyber attack.

What this means for users is that, while you’re connected to Telstra’s servers – they’re unable to route your traffic correctly.

If you’re suffering from connectivity deprivation, you can fix this pretty quickly for yourself.

What you’ll need to do is change the DNS servers on your router — if you have access to do so — or on your individual devices. If you’re after a little guidance on this a quick Google search “how to change DNS on XYZ device” should do the trick.

You could also take a quick look at our recent article about the Cloudflare free options to protect you from Malware and Adult Content.

In the meantime, Telstra is working flat out to resolve the issue and get their customer base back online. If you’re wanting to keep an eye on the progress, their Twitter account is well managed and posts regular updates.

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I dislike the lack of thinking behind this article, which goes: Go online, to get info to get yourself back online, due to your ISP being down, due to a cyber attack.
Problem with that lack of thinking: How can you go online to get that info, while your ISP is down?


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