Optus will roll out their parent company Singtel’s “Gomo” brand soon as a digital-only offering in the mobile MVNO market promising straight-forward subscription pricing for value-conscious Australians seeking easy mobile connectivity.

To control their account Gomo customers will have to use the Gomo app for onboarding, service and payments. This continues the recent cost-cutting trend set by digital only mobile operators Belong (Telstra), Circles (Optus) and Felix (TPG). Every time you visit a mobile operators store or call them for help it costs a lot more money compared to tech/billing support via live chat.

Gomo customers will be able to use the full Optus 3G/4G coverage network as well as the small but growing 5G network.

Matt Williams, Optus Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue, said

Gomo is the go-to solution for Australians who just want more affordable, mobile connectivity, plain and easy. We know customers prefer digital service options, so we’ve prioritised that in our offering, along with flexibility and simple activation, so value-seekers get everything they want, and nothing they don’t.

Gomo is set to be the real challenger brand of the MVNO market – just as Optus is the challenger in the MNO market – and we plan to really shake up the market with what Gomo has to offer

Gomo leverages what Optus parent company Singtel has learnt from it’s successful Gomo mobile app only service in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

If you or you or your family members have used the Singtel Gomo mobile service overseas please let us know in the comments what the experience was like.

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When you look at the UK where you can get unlimited data and free roaming across Europe and most of the world you can see Australia has zero competition.

I really don’t get how the ACCC allows this, there is no price competition because not only are all the major carriers in cahoots but they are also or at least control all of the smaller players as well.

Phill Edwards

You can’t blame the ACCC. For example, they opposed the merger of Vodafone and TPG only to have it allowed by the Federal Court.


Optus the MNO challenger?

Ahem. Optus, maybe a few years ago.

Your plans now are rubbish. Service is a minefield. NBN on optus is the worst failure ever. How they handled the cable to nbn migration was a total disaster. They lost so many long term committed cable customers because of this.

They really need to pick up their socks.


Rolling this out, _AND_ trying to swallow Amaysim.
Uhmmmm, is it only me that is seeing a worrying competition destroying plan unfolding here?