While all carriers continue to make huge effort to improve coverage of their networks, Telstra stands out as the leader in regional and rural coverage. One of the phone features customers in these areas look for is the “blue tick” showing the device provides superior coverage on the Telstra network. Samsung’s latest offerings, the Galaxy S21 and 21+ have been added to the blue tick devices list.

Telstra’s Blue Tick program puts handsets through a specific set of tests in our Wireless Innovation Lab in Paramatta as well as in remote locations on the live network. The simulations are designed to test the performance of the handsets in locations on the edge of our mobile coverage and are so thorough that our engineers even go to the extent of holding the phones in a number of different poses and scoring against each one.

This means that Telstra’s blue tick approved list is dominated — 12 of 21 devices — by Samsung as at the end of January 2021. In times gone by, blue tick devices were very limited and generally not what you’d call great devices. The work by Samsung to deliver, and Telstra to so quickly test the latest and greatest means remote customers can now enjoy the latest generation.

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