MVNO Circles.Life has today announced that customers can now pause their phone plan for up to three months for free.

The telco has said this is aimed at Aussies who would love to travel overseas, now that borders are finally open, and not have to pay for a local phone plan they won’t or may have the need to use whilst they are overseas.

However, this can also be applied to those customers who might need to pause their mobile telco service for any other reason, not just because they might be heading overseas.

Circles.Life customers can via the Circles.Life app can schedule the pause of their phone plan for any date in the future, with this ‘take-a-break’ benefit renewing every calendar year.

So if you’re heading overseas for a holiday, visiting friends and family or need to take a break away from work and pause your phone plan for 3 months for free: If you are a Circles.Life customer, you can check this section out and the terms and conditions via the Cirles.Life app.

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They are copying launtel hahahaha