Google has begun sending out emails advising that the Google Play and TV app will be merged into the Google TV app from May 2022.

Google has said the reason for this was due to a major redesign of the Google TV app last year, designed to help users browse movies and shows from streaming apps all in one place, and discover new things to watch with recommendations based on what you love or watch.

Google has said from May that the Google Play store app will no longer support the Movies and TV section which has become the standard over the many years, with Google Play store app continuing to be your store for apps, games, and books.

Since the update last year, Google TV app has had the Google Play Movies and TV section integrated into it, this move just confirms what we thought Google would do and kill off the separate Movies and TV app.

Google have said that there are a few things to be aware of as part of the move to the Google TV app which include:

  • Your purchased content will continue to be available in the Google TV app
  • Your purchases on the Google TV app continue to be eligible for family sharing and Google Play Points (where those features are available)
  • You can still use Play credit and Play gift cards for purchasing in the Google TV app (where Play credit and gift cards are available)
  • Your wishlist can be accessed within the Google TV app
  • You can still view and request refunds for your purchases on Google Play
  • Your wishlist and reviews are available to download via

So it is sad that Google Play and TV App and the section under the Google Play Store are no longer from May, but it does make sense to roll this into one app altogether. This news also comes from when Google announced the separate Android TV app remote was removed and merged into the Google TV app last year.

So its R.I.P Google Play Movies & TV app.

You can read more about the Google TV app via this link here.