Superloop already offers the fastest typical evening speeds for NBN plans – and in my experience, those claims hold water, my NBN has never been faster. Thanks Superloop! However, if fast speeds aren’t enough to capture your attention, what about a discount on plan pricing to help your wallet feel better too?

Superloop is offering a huge $21 discount on all NBN plans for the first six months – which makes a saving of $126 if you stay connected (and you probably will want to). Superloop also offers contract-free plans, so you can leave and find a better deal after six months .. if fast speed isn’t enough to keep you hooked.

Those with longer memories may remember that Superloop has offered this before – back in November, last year – and it was so popular then that the company has brought it back for another round.

Depending on your speed tier, you could pay as little as $43.95 a month for great NBN, whereas those with a need for speed will probably opt for the NBN 100/40 Mbps plan priced at $77.95 a month for the first six.

Superloop NBN Premium / 100 plans

The cheapest of these plans – Superloop’s 500GB 100/20 plan – will set you back $58.95 a month, reverting to $79.95 a month after six. If you prefer faster uploads, the 100/40 Mbps plan is $5 more a month at $63.95, then $84.95.

If you prefer unlimited data, your price for the 100/20 plan starts at $68.95, and the 100/40 plan will be $77.95. Those plans revert to $89.95 and $98.95 after six months.

Most users won’t need the fast uploads offered by the more expensive 100/40 Mbps plan, but if you upload/backup a lot of photos, videos and the like, it might be the better option (as the price difference is minimal).

These plans compare pretty well to other offers on the market, and when you consider Superloop’s fast evening speeds, the competition just don’t look that great.

Superloop NBN Standard Plus / 50 plans

There are two options here – 500GB for $52.95 per month (reverting to $73.95) or Unlimited data for $57.95 per month ($78.95 thereafter.)

Given unlimited costs just $5 more, there’s no real reason to stick with the 500GB offering, unless you just won’t use it.

Superloop NBN Standard / 25 plans

I’m not sure that 25 Mbps NBN plans are something people should really sign up for – faster plans really don’t cost much more, and enable a lot more – faster streaming, faster downloads, faster gaming, OS updates, you name it.

However, if you are minded to go for the standard NBN speed (sad that 25 Mbps is that standard, but hey) you can grab unlimited data for just $43.95 a month (which will go back to $64.95 after six months).