Telstra recently launched the HTC Desire, but only to it’s major [T]Life stores and online. Today it will be released to the masses (smaller stores & official resellers).

The Desire appears to have lived up to all the hype it created online, although it hasn’t come out completely bug-free. It seems to have problems gathering a GPS connection, this problem has been seen on other Android Devices but it none-the-less annoying. Here’s hoping Telstra will grab hold of the issue & get an OTA update ready to be pushed out to fix the problem.

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Greg McPherson

Hilariously, I went into the T-Life store on Bourke Street mall yesterday looking for a Desire (really for an N1) pouch. The scottish guy there was amazing helpful, but brutally honest – he told me this is a Telstra shop and if I thought they planned ahead and got accessories for this phone I’m mad. He then pointed me in the direction of Organiser World on LaTrobe Street which may have accessories, and even let me use their in-store internet to find the address… In the end I was really happy with the service I got there, and the result… Read more ยป