Which manufacturer do you think builds the best Android phones?

Once again guys, thanks for voting. Almost doubled the amount of votes since last time, let’s see if we can do that again! 🙂

The general idea of this poll was to see which manufacturer you thought designed & built the best Android Devices, in terms of hardware, software & design.

  • HTC – 101 Votes – 77%
  • Sony Ericsson – 17 Votes – 13%
  • Motorola – 12 Votes – 9%
  • Samsung – 1 Votes – 1%
  • Dell – 1 Votes – 1%
  • LG – 0 Votes – 0%
  • Acer – 0 Votes – 0%

I think it’s fair to say that HTC have really made their mark in the Australian Android market for their great phones, certainly well deserved. This may be because of the sheer amount of HTC Android Devices available to Aussies (See here for a list)

Also good to see Sony Ericsson — sort of — up there, their work on the X10 was quite all right, although they had set backs in terms of MT capabilities & stuffing people about with it.

Motorola is also a fair way down, despite them having just launched 2 Android’s here (DEXT & Backflip). Seems you guys didn’t really like them, don’t worry, a lot of people feel the same.

Samsung, Dell, LG & Acer all coming in with near to no votes. Which is understandable seeing as the last 3 don’t have any Android devices in Australia. As for Samsung, a lot of bad press seemed to come out about the Galaxy & Optus.

I think from this poll we can see that HTC clearly know what the consumer wants, and they make the phones to suit their needs. The rest of the market, take note 😉

Any ideas for next weeks poll??

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my suggestion:
Would you get you next android phone from a local carrier, locally based phone seller (with promise of a warranty) or import from OS?