Word has just come in that Optus is about to (or has, it’s not on their site yet) launch to Xperia X10 on their $79 Business Complete Plan for $0 over 24 months. The plan is meant to include a suitable 1.5GB of data to play with per month.

No other pricing has become available yet, but we should see it appear on their website very soon 🙂

Let’s hope they don’t pull a Vodafone and hold off the launch!

Thanks to our source.

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agreed.. buzz is informed on my want of the Incredible.. but, much to my disgust it doesnt have Aus banding-.-


Lame! Where’s my Incredible??? or Legend??? or Desire???or Nexus1??? or even the Samsung Galaxy S??
I hate I hate I hate I hate Optus!!

sorry for my rant, but i was an early HTC Dream adopter, and we didn’t get paid apps till recent, or they are clueless when it comes to android support… most of the time customer service didn’t even know wat android is!!!


I got the dream when is first came out too. I love the thing to death. but is is slow as hell.