Optus have pretty much gone under the radar on this one. They have stuck up the X10 Mini on their site as Post-Paid on the $19 ‘Social’ Plan all the way up to the $99 ‘Social’ Plan. Which is very different from our previous tip off of it being a Pre-Paid Mobile. But you can also grab it on Optus Pre-Paid via Telechoice (Link)

So anyone after a very small, quick & stylish phone, the X10 Mini is for you!

[Via: Optus]

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It’s $8pm on the $19cap 🙁


yep but its not free on a $19 cap as it probably should be or at least free on $29


Yep to expensive, considering $349 prepaid, also still running Donut android 1.6!


So is this one still coming to VHA by any chance?


No its its bigger cousin the Xperia X10


Damn. Unfortunately, I need to be on Three post paid and Voda prepaid at the same time to suit the people around me. I was hoping I could use this little guy on Voda without paying an Optus unlocking fee. Grrr. Oh well.


too expensive, when for the same price you can get the HTC legend. It will no doubt be out on Virgin in the next week and should be on the $29 or $19 cap, in which case i will buy.