No big deal here guys, but umm, there’s a free phone being given away!

It’s pretty straightforward. Our friends at MobiCity want YOU to make a video of you reviewing your phone. The steps can be found below:

– Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
– Record a video review of your current phone and upload to YouTube
– Post as a response to the original video
– Share the link through your favourite social media

And if you win, you get a free Nokia 2100 Sony Ericsson Xperia X10!

So head over to MobiCity now & get to it!

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TIS HP pretty an nice use my friend intro me b4 an i touch it b4 bt no money get it sad


Ahh I want to do it but it’s so much effort! I’d be more keen if I knew how many other people had entered – I played with one in store for the first time tonight and it was pretty swell :]


does it matter if your phone is an old Nokia navigator 6110 😉


Will you still be eligible to participate? B-D

It would be hard to compete with you. B-)

Marné Prinsloo

Check out my video then and vote if you like it!