As we previously reported, the Garmin A10 has appeared on the Optus website!

It’s available on the $19 ‘yes’ cap plan for $9/mo or $0 upfront on the $49 ‘yes’ cap plan.

The Garmin A10 is a feature packed GPS phone, with a very simplified version of Android. All the software is based on your location, such as maps, whether & schedules. A great phone for the traveller/adventurer!

Plans can be found after the break

‘yes’ Cap Plans:

‘yes’ Social Plans:

[Via: Optus]

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lol i almost forgot, because i got the 2 phones on the 1 account i also get 1000 minutes a month in 5 min blocks between the 2 phones (who wants to talk with their wife more than 5 minutes)

j moo

Was there additional apps you need to download to use it as a marine gps??


I have 2 A10’s on $29 caps 1 for me and 1 for my wife, they are the best thing since sliced bread, come with windscreen kit and do voice and visual turn by turn navigation, forget google this thing is as good as my top shelf tom tom. the $29 cap gives me $150 to any network 200mb data unlimited facebook twitter utube etc, was gunna get an Iphone, glad i didn’t now these things are the real deal and by multiplying the last 3 digits in the latitude longitude of GPS ie 31 23.456 153 45.375 by 60… Read more »


Garmin says this has free lifetime map updates – however the manual it only has new map guarantee like all other garmin gps devices. So, does it have free lifetime maps like it says here

or not?

Also, is the android system udated to the latest or not?


I got it ,optus $49.plan, $420.calls etc, free facebook,youtube,twitter, 500mb data free per mth…


Optus does have a $29 cap plan for the garmin


How does this compare to Google Navigation?


wait… it doesn’t have wifi… i was pretty sold on this phone till the no wifi… that and because of the Garmin nav stuff, it would be silly to own it and root it cause you would lose the Garmin stuff…

oh well back to waiting for Nexus One


James, where did you hear it had no Wifi??

Specs –

check out Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, WLAN 802.11b/g, USB v2.0


ok gsmarena had no wifi listed, so i just figured that there was none…

this might actually put the phone back on the “Want” list

the Nexus One is amazing though… hmmm decisions


Hi Guys ,i have one, Does have wi-fi, use it round the house ,maccas ,no probs, works much the same as I phone,,,and wifes new motorola quench, but with full Sat nav, works great..same as real garmin… tube,face book , etc,system is much the same as micro-soft , but cannot download some programs to run?? music is like media player, not many apps for now, but if you wanna play games, buy a nintendo,dah… camera is good ,though not many settings ,as the motorola quench has.(similar as real cam).. can upgrade memory to 16gb, not bad ..i have 4gb in… Read more »


Thats why Virgin > Optus and vodafone

these plans are so much better


Yes and No ChaosDave, call rate with Virgin is now 99c per min, charged in minute blocks, with a 40c flagfall. This is the most expensive call rate out of the majors. VHA are 90c per min with a 35c flagfall and Optus are around the 80c per min, depending on Cap, with a 35c flagfall.


so ignoring the call connections with vodafone on a $29 cap you get 167 minutes, but you get no data and no voicemail. On virgin you get 162 minutes but you also get free voicemail and 20mb data.

but i think the biggest difference is the phones available on the cheaper virgin plans.


Optus really need to get some plans between the 19 and 49 caps. What happened to 29 and 39 buck caps???


The $29 Cap is more of a stop gap for Optus. They dont really wanna play in that market, tho it would make more sense to have just 29 Cap and drop the 19. But there is only about 8 handset in total available on the 29 Cap according to Optus’ handset pricing.


i don’t quite understand the reason for having a specific garmin GPS phone when android has google navigation?


Is there Google navigation for Australia? i thought it was only working in the US and UK.


There is an XDA version of google navigation that will allow the navigation software to work anywhere in the world. However if you use the google navigation software you will soon find it falls far short of being a full navigation application replacement. I found google navigation great for just checking things out but it won’t replace a dedicated navigation application, especially if you use a provider that doesn’t have great 3G coverage.


cheers for the info, how about apps? surely there are some decent voice navigation android apps?


Will the Garmin GPS be able to function without data (my work SIM only has voice I think).

Anyone know if Optus negotiates on outright purchase price (listed at $459).

Certainly looks like a great android option and with an expected upgrade to 2.1 in the pipeline, I’m very tempted – anyone seen one in the flesh or seen a hands-on review?