Vodafone AU has announced via Twitter that they will be selling the Nexus One through their online store from tomorrow.

The Nexus One will be $0 upfront on the $79 cap, and supply is very low

You can check it out here: Vodafone – Nexus One

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call them up and get the phone 🙂
did it over 3 hours ago and got the nexus one on its way.


called up before got the phone on its way, no point waiting for the pointless website, staff said they are running out the door 🙂


Nexus One is on the way.
$79 gets you $800 worth of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS, free Voda to Voda, free Voda to 3, 1GB data and no handset repayments.


I have received my text message from the, called up and my nexus is on it’s way!!! hoorah!!!


Where the hell is the phone? I’ve been waiting since 12:01 this morning to get it. I rang vodafone and they have no idea about it….. F’ing pissed! I want my nexus one!!!


Tis late morning now 🙂
I have them sending me an SMS as soon as it’s available so hopefully it won’t be too far off.


This will defiantly kill the Samsung Galaxy S launch. Just will wait till it comes on the $49


at $20 more I don’t see how it’d kill the samsung …


Not with it’s twin at $49


1st the Legend now this, Vodafone is turning into Telstra from a value point of view…


$79…for real? galaxy s is $59 and new. this is 6mths old.
this is the first time in my life i think optus is doing good by the customer and not just going along with what everyone else is doing.
but then there is froyo


Just wait till you see that the Desire is available from telstra on the 49 cap with 400 in calls and 200mb of data…


Well I’ll be waiting at midnight to buy one. Anyone else?


“supply is very low”
I’ve been waiting a while to pick this up, I sure don’t want to miss out.