More news on the X10 Mini Pro, it has hit the shelves at Virgin Mobile for $5/mo on their new $29 ‘Smart Cap’.

The $29 cap includes unlimited text to national mobiles, 1GB of data, unlimited talk Virgin-to-Virgin & $50 credit.

For more info on the new ‘Smart Caps’ read on.

The new ‘Smart Cap’ from Virgin Mobile are amazing value:

Anyone now interested in Virgin? I am.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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didn’t think virgin speed was any different to optus or voda

John Boxall

Good luck trying to use all that data on Virgin.


I have two mates on Virgin who used the free 1 GB to its fullest and they had no problem over the three months it was available, one with a Magic and the other with an iPhone. I think I’ll port over on Monday.


p.s is your name Jesse?


yeh definitely ask i reckon they will allow the swap as long as you are paying a similar amount, probably 39 + 12


I just signed up for the X10 not even a month ago and see THIS come out – blargh!

I know the deal is for the X10 Mini, but does anyone think they may throw a similar deal my way for the X10 if I was to ask? Currently on the $25 rollover cap + $20/mo for $50 calls + 300mb data – I’d kill to jump onto the $39 cap if they started offering it on the X10.

Are we within our right to ask for such a thing?


fingers crossed they will get the legend after Voda’s 3 months is up


outright is about $500

mo buksh

Any information about an outright price or unlocking fee by any chance?

Ghengis of Coles Gungahlin

I don’t think Virgin locks their post-paid phones – Dad bought a Nokia 6220 Classic from Virgin, and used a Turkcell SIM when he went to Istanbul.


Yep, phones are unlocked and after 6 months of the contract you can get out by just paying the outstanding handset cost. Funny that the easy get-outs are the reason I stay with Virgin. Bring on Galaxy S in Aug!


Nice! Is Virgin the only carrier to offer unlocked post-paid phones?


No, Optus phones are unlocked too, and I’m pretty sure most other carriers provide post-paid phones unlocked as well.