After a few hiccups and early selling over the phone to loyalty customers, Vodafone has opened the gates to the Nexus One via their online store.

I suggest that if you want the Nexus One you better start pushing your way through said gates, taking everyone down on your way through, just like a Myer Christmas Sale.

Voda have even lowered the price of the cap from $79 to $49 with $10/mo repayments, to somewhat match Optus & Telstra’s recent price drops.

Source: Vodafone.
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this is really gay, optus are so shit, but want to charge excess of $200 plus just to upgrade phones? i might as well cancel the contract for that amount.


I’m an iPhone convert … Jumping to the darkside !


i just got the frf91 ota update on 3 for my nexus one, so looks like the voda-three partnership means ota goodness for me from now on!!


only if the carrier supports it ๐Ÿ˜‰
which is why i never recieved any other ota updates.
suddenly nexus one is out on vodafone, pop. ota update!


ETA on mine is Tuesday , can’t wait


@ Ben I’m with 3 as well Ben ๐Ÿ™ I just ordered my nexus one for 49 dollars a month plus 10 dollar upfront plan, I’m sick of 3 due to its lack of good handsets. To transfer your phone over to vodafone it’s really simple just call them up and they will do it for you. I still have 3 months on my 3 plan but I cant stand them any longer. Its obvious the 3 main market is Teenagers/Young adults and I dont think they will bring the nexus one over from vodafone if 3 still hasnt got… Read more ยป


Kool i’ll check it out. Off topic with 3 around half of the cap value is included in international calls. Since i call overseas very often, does vodafone have a simlar system i can’t seem to see it on there website


Does anyone know if 3 will be getting the nexus one since vodafone/3 are one now? I’m eliable for a loyalty upgrade in a month with 3.


still reckon that it doesn’t match the value of the Desire on Telstra for $49 with no repayments…

It is a strange thing to write, but all of a sudden, Telstra have “good value” attached to their mobile plans… i feel dirty even saying it!!!


Ordered mine today over the phone, new customer switching from 3. 3 mobile are letting me terminate my contract early with no exit fees and switching me to Vodafone !! yippee


hmm, think they might wanna make it $0 handset repayments or it is still a fail


Just ordered mine this morning online. I’m not a current customer so couldn’t do it over the phone. But the coupon code still works for $25 credit, and hopefully there will be some handsets left after my credit check clears.