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UPDATE: This has been confirmed by a source inside of Vodafone.

Time to fire up the Rumour Mill. I have received word that Vodafone have only been able to secure 1,000 Nexus Ones and that they will only be sold online & to businesses as they are an ‘End Of Life (EOL)’ device.

It seems plausible confirmed.

Source: SeanSean.
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yes that is all correct but vodafone do not want to over stock because of the launche of the shit useless iphone 4 with its 3 new things it can do.
i just got an upgrade to nexus today cant wait for it next week, so yes vodafone is EOL for now but only because of the launch of the iphone 4, there has been a huge demand for the nexus so im sure they will still release it along side of the “worst phone” known to mand kind the iphone 4….


Anyone konws why the Nexus One Vodafone runs only has 256MB internal memory? Thought it’s typo first but checked with customer service and they responded that “the model of the Nexus One we have is the one with the 256 MB internal memory”. My konwledge is N1 has 512MB internal memory, isn’t it?


Haha Buzz,
Damn and I’m left-handed as well…


Nexus 2 is coming and it may not be HTC phone… but I didn’t say anything


So google Nexus 2 will be coming… in few years


You don’t really need any after sale support from Vodafone other then your warranty tbh.

You can get all your software updates directly from Google itself. And if they do have Vodafone software on em, you’re best off removing it either way. The only thing you’d ever need is APN settings, which you can get from here anyway.

Vodafones after sale support is generally pretty terrible unless you’re at specific stores.


that doesnt sound like a bad thing afterall, does it. i mean, that should translate to some form of exclusivity (u wont see everyone in the room holding the nexus one, cant quite say the say for the iphone though); and assuming it doesnt affect the after-sale support and stuff, things should go quite fine for it, right?!


what does end-of-life device means for us?


LOL OTA updates from vodafone good joke Buzz

Ian N

I was planning on getting one of these, but not at the $79 cap. It looks like I’ll have to grey-import one.


1,000 Nexus Ones, Won’t be seeing a room/table of people pulling out their Nexus Ones then….but the iPhone on the other hand.


This is a very interesting development makes me glad to have a desire


Ohh crap, maybe I should have gone for the Desire


its the flagship device from htc no way its eol


A. when it’s launched downunder 6 mths late!


Q. When is a superphone like a hen’s tooth?


What does ‘End of Life’ device mean? Not discontinued, surely?


Aha! Something more exciting on the way?


wow that sucks, it’s only 6 months old


That number would explain the fairly low key launch!