This morning Telstra announced they will be adding the X10 Mini Pro to their Android line up in early August.

Hopefully they don’t take over the device with their useless bloatware. No pricing has been announced as of yet.

Source: PeteSymons.
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Lucie Bellrichard

Hey just thought i would say something.. This is the third time that I’ve visited your blog in the last 2 days looking for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

Gregory Opera

“Hopefully they don’t take over the device with their useless bloatware.” Are you kidding? Yes Telstra usually adds a fair bit to the branded devices, but it’s usually stuff that it pretty handy… * My Place – access various Telstra services with two clicks (you don’t know how many times a day my family and I use this!). * RMC – browse and view Mobile Foxtel like on a “normal” television, complete with interactive ticker (show “on-now/on-next”, and allowing quick channel changes). * Scan Code – read QR (Quick Response) codes. Heck, I’m disappointed when my new phones DON’T have… Read more »


I’d say you’re in the minority there.


The specs on Mobicity say it isn’t NextG compatible – which aint great for a smartphone.
But, the SonyEricsson website says it is “UMTS/HSPA 850” compatible – I understand that this is what Telstra calls NextG.
Anyone have any idea if the ones Telstra will sell will be NextG compatible?
Or is this just a mistake on the MobiCity site?


“Hopefully they don’t take over the device with their useless bloatware”

LOL! You know, we know and everyone knows that is exactly what will happen!