Vodafone have today allowed their Android 2.2 “Froyo” OTA (over the air) update to go ahead. So all of you with a Nexus One from Voda, you should get the update soon or you may already have it.

Some Android 2.2 features, just to get your nerdy juices flowing:

  • WiFi Tethering
  • Adobe Flash 10.1
  • JIT Compiler (2-5 speed increase)
  • Faster browser (V8 JavaScript Engine)
  • Better exchange support
  • UI changes

Props to Vodafone for getting it out so quick 🙂

Source: Direct Link to OTA Update.
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Just had a friend tell me this tidbit if you haven’t already recieved your update.

Go to the phone dialer, and type in
and then the call button. This will check in with Google, and if there’s an update it will notify you and download.

Carl S



Anyone still waiting for this?


I got my N1 back in Feb direct from Google when i was in the US. The VF AU Nexus One; can anyone tell me if they load up with Vodafone software? Like as in the start screen? Or is it all stock Android?


Yup. It is FRF91. Let the Froyo begin. 🙂 received it today early morning


Can anyone tell us build numbers after the update? Are these frf91?


Still waiting for my update from Vodafone…soon please?


Blah, no update for me yet. Keeps telling me it’s up to date. Damn lying phone!


Any word if they’re rolling this out for the HTC Legend yet?


Still no update for me , damm

Ronnie Beck

I am curious to see if sites such as http://www.abc.net.au/iview/ work on the new flash version. I have had no luck on my HTC Hero (although probably I was being optimistic when trying) but I reckon the N1 has enough grunt and resolutionto cope. Any one tried?


Not sure about iView and my Nexus is running Cyno atm so can’t check. But it certainly plays flash porn 😉

Ronnie Beck

Not helpful

Jesse Box

Can you guys tell me if they modified the wifi tethering so you have to use a vodafone plan or something?

I already rooted 2.2 on my nexus so just curious


Woot got mine just then, seems nice.


Still nothing from Vodafone! Have you done anything prior to the message?

A, Sydney


I’m using my X10 MP daily at the moment and the Neuxs is sitting on my desk all sad and lonely. One of the first things I noticed is I can’t use any flash.. I mean I probably wouldn’t want to on an such a small phone as the Mini Pro but still.. made me think. I do use Flash more than I first thought.


Here come Flash apps! woo!