On the back of a successful month of sales through Optus, Samsung have decided to extend the exclusive deal for the Galaxy S to be Optus-only for another month, ending 31st August. The Galaxy S is available on the $49 ‘Extreme Cap’, which includes 1GB of data, $450 of cap credit as well as unlimited Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, foursquare, eBay & LinkedIn.

In addition to this, Samsung have added a few accessories to the Galaxy S lineup.

  • Black Leather Case – $29.95
  • Desk Stand w/ Charger – $39.95
  • Navigation Kit – $79

All 3 are available from Optus stores. Hit read more for Samsung’s statement.

“Consumers are embracing the Android platform and see the Samsung Galaxy S as the best smartphone to deliver a โ€˜Smart Life’ experience. We’ve enjoyed a great launch with Optus and will continue this positive momentum throughout August and beyond. In addition, we are also answering the need for customised Samsung Galaxy S accessories that are made to protect and enhance that smartphone investment.” – Tyler McGee, Vice President, Telecommunications at Samsung.

Optus Store: http://goo.gl/E5IG

Source: Smartoffice.
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Canada already has an 850Mhz Version and has had for some time on Bell Canada. They may be short of stock but they aren’t short on making an 850Mhz version of the Galaxy S. It’s called a Samsung Galaxy S i9000m


I just spoke to three over the phone to cancel my current plan. They said the Galaxy will be out with them in the next 1.5 to 2 weeks. Not sure how believable that is though.


does anyone know when it will be available to vodafone???


Does anyone know if I can apply for a free optus phone upgrade today? I signed a 24 month contract on 19/11/08 as my galaxy s is on hold for me today at store. Or do I still have to wait?


Did any one managed to get the black leather case?


‘HTC’: yeah, sorry, I meant ‘Samsung’. I had ‘HTC’ on the brain when I wrote that.

And my source? My source is someone deep in Telstra’s mobile division who is working on their Galaxy S rollout. He was surprised when I told him about Optus getting an extra month of exclusivity. He laughed and told me the ‘real story’ which is that Samsung can’t supply Telstra with supplies of the Next G handset.

So take that, doubters.


Nooooo, i just bought mine two weeks ago with Optus and now they’re giving away all these free goodies.


The new goodies are not ‘free’ from all I can tell. You do have to pay for them…

I ordered my Galaxy from Optus online on Monday and I’m still waiting (impatiently though). I called them on Tuesday to make sure my order had gone through and they said I would receive it in 5 working days, but probably less.

Anyone else ordered around the same time? Or has gotten their mobile this week? Just wondering if how accurate is that ETA since I read their stock is very low atm…

Peter Graham

Jack: Can you tell us how you know? I’m thinking the real answer is your on Telstra and your frustrated that you have to wait another month to get a galaxy s .. just guessing though. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Why do you guys fall for the PR spin on this? The only reason Optus is getting an extra month with the Galaxy S is because HTC isn’t ready to release an 850MHz version for Telstra. The Big T originally hoped to have the Galaxy S from Day One as soon as Optus’s one month exclusivity deal expired. But HTC doesn’t have an 850MHZ version for Next G yet. So Samsung and Optus are just making the best out of the situation with this ‘announcement’, because the truth is that Samsung CAN’T get the Galaxy S to Telstra until September… Read more ยป




You’re an idiot.

HTC? What the crap?


I’m an idiot? read your original post before you pass judgement.

“But HTC doesn’t have an 850MHZ version”


…but that doesn’t explain why Voda and 3 aren’t releasing it yet either, as they operate on the same bands as Optus.

And yeah…what are you on about with “HTC”?!


Typing this on my new Galaxy S!


Virgin are also doing first 3 months of your cap free. (except iPhone and web only)

so for a $51 smart cap you get 1500mb of data and then $150 of calls (unlimited text) to non optus customers. with the first 3 months free it ends up being only $44 a month.


and optus are doing two months free online for their $49 cap mentioned above


Virgin has revised their plans (but their website is not updated yet). Now Galaxy S is available for free on the $49 smart cap with $300 worth of calls to other networks, unlimited texts inside Oz, and 2Gigs of data. If you are a new member you’ll also get the first three months free.
P.S : Unlimited regular and video calls between Virgin users.


.. Depressing .. I should have taken advantage of the Social Cap they had offered earlier.. Extreme doesnt include free youtube now ๐Ÿ™

does any1 know if you can still apply for the social cap plans they introduced this phone with?


There is an unlimited Youtube access add-on service offered by Optus for extra 5.99 a month. Check it out at Mobile > Mobile Internet.


Someone on Whirlpool was saying they were able to get it on the Social Cap in store


So it would seem. Maybe there is something on TV worth watching after all!

Peter Graham

Yeah .. I saw the add a few weeks ago and it said “exclusive to optus during july” .. then saw the same add again last night and it said “exclusive to otpus during august” doesnt get any clearer then that really does it?


Where is this confirmed?


So any word on when they SGS will be released on Vodafone and is it true that optus has the rights for another month??


According to Techanist it is free but only on the $39 easycap, not the smartcap which has the megadata.

Demon Rob

according to Virgin Sales it aint on any $39 any cap.


Go into a store Demon Rob, you will get it free on the $49 Smart or $39 Easy, they are both the same cap other then for the extra $10 bucks with the Smart Caps you get Rollover Credit, Unlimited Text and Extra Data.


Oh I’m kicking myself now!

Could have got it with Virgin which apparently will be on the $39 Cap with $0 Handset repayment

Telcos playing games again :@

Demon Rob

no $0 on $39 cap on Virgin – I tried my hardest but couldnt get it.


:\ I’ve been waiting out for Telstra to get it so I’d have more choice between the Desire and the Galaxy S. Finger’s crossed that it isn’t true!


@Daniel. Try doing a rateplan change at an optus dealer. Im sure there wont be a rateplan change fee


Grrr I bought the SGS when it first came out at $59 … ๐Ÿ˜

I hate having to pay extra for 23 months. There have already been 2 rate changes in under a month!


Price of being an early adopter…..


I just got around to talk to the 3 Dealer shop in Rhodes Shopping Centre (NSW) – the guy there was very helpful and said that the Galaxy S is actually on its way to Vodafone and when I told him I’m worried about leaving Three he said that the two networks will become Vodafone in 6-8 months. The plans that will offer the Galaxy S, according to him, are $0 on the $69 cap and $20 on the $29 cap, including 1Gb of data. If it’s true (and the Vodafone cap and network is really going to be enough… Read more ยป


Oops – also when I asked him about the extension of the Optus exclusivety deal for the Galaxy S he said it’s not true.


with froyo update coming in september i’m cool with waiting another month to see what the other carriers will offer. i need froyo anyways to do flash apps for it.


Guys, I have got my Galaxy S from Optus Parramatta today on $49, I switched from Vodafone after 7.5 years!!!!

On interesting thing I found today that if you terminate the contract aster you sign it you only pay $760 on $49 Cap, which is cheaper than buying Galaxy S from the net. No going to do that though, Optus plan is just great!!!!


Swype just rocks. will keep you updated :))))


Just a couple of weeks back exit fee was only $560 ๐Ÿ˜‰ , now they have bumped it up to $760. I too think $49 cap is just right. Signed up yesterday myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Peter Graham

Its not like anyone has stock anyway .. but I am quite happy with Optus .. yes customer service is not great but never had much of a problem with the service.


this sucks. was with optus once, really dont want to go back. even looks like iphone customers have more choice! how can keeping it with optus be a good idea? more carriers more people will snap it up!? i hope “pdf” is correct.

Matt Coutts

Damn VHA…


Umm, what? This is absolutely terrible journalism – the smartoffice/smarthome article cites no references, and the quote from the Samsung VP only says, “…We’ve enjoyed a great launch with Optus and will continue this positive momentum throughout August and beyond…” which I read simply as “Samsung will have a continuing relationship with Optus,” not that they’ve extended the exclusivity deal for the Galaxy S. And there’s no press release from either Samsung or Optus to back this up. In any case, I’m hoping this is a misinterpretation, since I’m in the same boat as others here and have been waiting… Read more ยป


FFS. I wish 3 or vodaphone would get something decent in their range, I’ve been waiting 3 months for this phone and because the optus coverage is so abhorrent in my area it doesnt matter if they make it 1 dollar a month its useless to me.


Hey Cheese you want a Galaxy and i want HTC we should trade.


P.S i’m actually not joking. I’m on Virgin and am really happy with the smartcaps they offer but think there phones stink, I would be prepared to go on a cap with them with a galaxy and then if you went on a cap with Voda and got a HTC we could swap and the world would be a better place.


I’d actually be interested in doing that…If I got a Desire with Telstra, would you be willing to swap for the Samsung Galaxy S?


yep i’m just waiting for Virgin to update there other plans and also 2 new HTC phones are about to be released the Desire HD and the Desire Z(version with keyboard) so i’m expecting a price drop very soon and i hate buying stuff when another price drop is imminent.


Wow I just looked up for those two, I hope they come out soon!


Sounds like I’ll be taking a risk if I join with Optus.


AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH! Octopus are wrapping their patchy network tentacles around my throat again! If mobicity don’t have my nextG SGS next week I’m gonna cave in for sure.


RAGE! That really anouys me I’ve been waiting to buy it because I wanted to get it on vodfone now I think I might just buy it outright.


Same here. Im thinking I might just jump on the Optus bandwagon. Its not a bad deal that they are offering either.

What is the Optus 3G service like though? This is what worries me. Dont want to be locked 24months to a carrier that keeps roaming or has ridiculously low speeds.


Now they just have to put there heads together and come up with some cool, sleek and sexy Samsung Speaker Dock(s). After all they make electronics….

Julian Hutchison

hrmmmm, well considering Telechoice stores do only Optus & Virgin, must be an exclusivity deal amongst both carriers under Telechoice…. just a random stab at it, but it makes a little sense if you look at it that way


No, its because Optus OWNS Virgin Mobile Australia


Ohh thats going to piss off the other carriers…. nice:-) Finally, some accessories!!!!


Galaxy S is not exclusive to Optus, Virginmobile also has it.


Virgin is an Optus reseller.
You get the same network as Optus, maybe with different deals.


A small part of me dies everytime optus reduce the price…

23 months to go @ $59!


Makes sense, I guess – if they can’t up with the demand just from Optus, they’d really struggle if they had to supply the other carriers as well.