Notion Ink have posted on their blog outlining their plans to include WiFi b/g/n instead of just b/g on the Adam. Now this is all well and good, everyone loves WiFi N, but everyone also loves a release date. And at the moment it seems like it won’t be released by the end of the year unless they make some sort of announcement or let people know what’s going on very soon.

Source: Notion Ink Blog.
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    Maybe they actually don’t have the capacity to go beyond the design and proof-of-concept stage and are just making noises waiting for someone who does have that capability to just buy their design…


    This is a project just waiting to tank. They have the upper hand of being the most complete slate in the market right now. But the next best is just around the corner, and potentially people will lose interest the longer you make them wait. I remember the same thing happened with Google Wave. They teased us with the possibilities of this amazing service and we couldn’t wait to start using it. But they made us wait so long that eventually the interest died out. And now the service died out as well. I don’t think Notion Ink’s idea, to… Read more ยป


    THey must be really good at making mockups by now ๐Ÿ™‚


    This is getting to vapourware like status.


    yup I know what you mean.
    I was pretty excited about it when i first heard about it, but with each new feature anouncement coupled with a delay and no show the excitement has waned. Anyone in IT/tech knows this feeling of deja vu. vapourware indeed.