Good news for all ABC iView lovers (including myself), ABC have said in an interview with APC Mag, that they will indeed be working on an application — or HTML5 site — to get iView on to mobile devices that don’t rely on Flash. Below is an excerpt from ABC’s Arul Baskaran.

“We’ve been working on ways of getting iView onto other platforms that don’t depend on Flash – not just for iPad or Apple. The connected TV platforms, Sony Bravia or whatever, they don’t use Flash either – we’ve already moved to H.264 video which places us in a good position to start building app versions for different platforms,”

Currently there is no date set for when iView will be available to non-Flash devices, but we’re hoping for some more news by the end of the year. As for people with Flash enabled devices, you can hit up ABC iView at any time.

Note: Image is not real, iView will not work on your Dell Streak :'(

Source: APC Mag.
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    Cool. Trading one proprietary system for another…


    everyone is always quick to blame flash. truth is if the application is built right their is no problems. bad tradesmen blame their tools.

    fred jones

    I think you would find a tradesman forced to use only one brand of tools would quickly tell the tool supplier to piss off and use something else instead.


    So….where are we supposed to get the data to use this ??


    thank god they have finally woken up. not only is flash video platform limited, it looks like ass.


    Awesome news, our reliance on such a bug ridden piece of crap (flash) is nothing short of astounding. Too bad it drives a lot of the web today.


    Yay! Just tried to get this going on my Galaxy S to no avail. I hope they stray from flash for the desktop site, flash is fine for small adds but video is just horrible as I’m sure most people know – Heavy resources with low quality video = 2004