Big thanks to one of our readers, Dennis, for pointing this link out (hit the Source link), as it shows the Galaxy S being partially compared to the SE Xperia X10 on Vodafone. Although no specs are compared, it does inform us that the RRP for the Galaxy S is $759 compared to $949 for the Xperia X10.

Now if they have any correlation to the plan prices, the Xperia X10 sits at $0 on a $59 cap, and seeing as the Galaxy S is surprisingly less (take note, Telstra) it may just find itself on a $49 cap. Good news? I think so.

Oh and the quick link for when the Galaxy S is up on the Vodafone Store:

Source: Vodafone.
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grill stuff

Hi, maybe i’m being a little off topic here, but I was browsing your site and it looks impressive. I’m authoring a blog and trying to make it look clean, but everytime I touch it I mess something up. Did you design the blog yourself? Could someone with little experience do it, and add updates without messing it up? Anyways, good information on here, very solid.


Its up in vodaphone site now. 59 ;(


sorry its only pre order


Just spoke with Voda – theyve confirmed its going to be released VERY soon… either this week or early next week…. fingers crossed….

Question – I dont have an android as yet, but are the apps just as good as the iphone apps? Obviously theres more iphone apps but is the quality of the android apps up to speed?


Completely forgotten about that post! my bad hehehe,
i’ve got so many android blog in my google reader sometimes i’m reading about 40 posts.
well as long as it’s coming to europe, we can just buy it from there. Aussie telcos suck big time.


Where is the Galaxy S pro? Buzz have u heard anything about that phone? it popped up a while ago as the GSM version of the epic4G and then nothing 🙁

I need a new phone with physical keyboard 🙁
i’m guessing if this will be $759, i might just buy it.


hmmm, the link doesn’t work anymore.