Let’s all stop acting surprised that Motorola has gone back on their previous statements, and move on to their new, more official, announcement. Moto Aus have said via their Facebook page that Android 2.2 (Froyo) will hit the Milestone in Q1 2011.

The update will include all the essentials of Froyo, except for maybe the exception of Wireless Hotspot, which the Milestone supposedly can’t do. Evidently Motorola has never searched Google for ‘Motorola Milestone Wireless Tethering‘. If you any of you Milestone owners feel the wait is to long, just remember, you’re actually getting 2.2.

Source: Motorola Australia.
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I got a milestone but ive got it on virgin pre-paid. So how would i update it?

John Smith

The UK version will have 2.2 by the end of the year(I have a UK version), but the Milestone is coming out soon and it is running 2.2 with motoblur.


WHAT!?! Q1 2011? I don’t own a milestone but thats like really far