Our trusty Telstra connect has just hit us up with some info regarding the Samsung Galaxy S launch on Telstra. Mark the 21st of September in your calendar & make sure you have a lot of spare cash handy, as this baby is going to set you back either $99 a month over 24 months, or $960 outright. Yep, only Telstra could manage to price such a device so highly, props to them for consistency.

There is no confirmation as to whether there will be a different design as we were previously told of, and Android 2.2 is still a maybe. So Telstra customers, enticing?

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Oh my god, calm down people. Show me a telstra web page that says it’s $99/month and I will believe this total BS. The phone will most likely be free on a $79 cap like the HD2. Telstra throw these fools a bone with inflated pricing and then come in like heroes with the real pricing. I say wait and see and if it is $99 then mobicity+prepaid FTW.


wow…the rumours are true re: pricing…just went to T-shop 10mins ago.
$99/mth…or $49 + $20 handset/mth!!!!!

Phill ohren

Thats insane! I own a galaxy and its not worth 100 a month…. Lol


Most likely it will be similarly priced to the iPhone 4 32GB, which means the handset would be:
$0 on the $99/cap (as quoted above),
$199 on the $79/cap &
$299 on the $49/cap…

yes, still a rip-off compared to Optus.


Haha, so true PseudoEdge.

I might have to just go with the HTC Desire, probably the only phone I would want if the Galaxy S isn’t available to me (and yes I need it on Telstra).


I was contemplating the switch to the 850mhz network but at the price, tell ’em they’re dreaming…

Honestly, they have released this phone 1-2 months later, and their competitors sell at half the price, who the heck do they think they are?!

Thankfully VHA/Optus/Virgin provide us much needed alternatives…imagine if Telstra ran a monopoly in the mobile phone market…


2nd that idea 🙂


This is a joke. Seriously, same phone, different model and Telstra wants to offer a $99/month cap?

I hope there are cheaper plans because if $99 is their lowest, then that is just ridiculous. Telstra need to learn how to price their products.


Marketing guy @ Telstra: “I’ll reach into my mystery bag to see what price we set… it’s a 99, people. We have a 99, so that is what we are going to charge.”
Junior marketing assistant: “Um, I just used the internet and checked out the competition and they are offering it for 49 -79 respectively.”
Marketing guy @ Telstra: “Internet, what’s that? Anyway, listen kid, they pay me the big bucks to make these decisions. Now go make me a coffee”


Ive also heard that it wont be a different design…semi reliable source from Samsung


So it has been indicated that the Galaxy S will be offered by Telstra on their $99 Cap.

Well of course… All their phones are!

The info we need is what they aren’t telling us… for example, how much will it set us back on the $79 and $49 Caps!!

Demon Rob

Wow! Been hanging off waiting for the Telstra announcement, since with their various bribes ($200 welcome, pay some months, $10 off since I’ve already got Telstra broadband and lineline) it should have been cheap. This makes it easy now to go and visit Virgin. Just have to decide on $39 for 300mb or $49 for 2 gig data. How much data is needed?


No, no, no…you all have it completely wrong… With Telstra, you don’t just get a phone…you get a phone pre-loaded with a whole bunch of worthless crap! More than enough justification for the extra cost…so stop whinging. Lol.

Benjamin Dobell

Oh wow, lol!

I seriously hope this is a joke. Until reading this I was considering swapping to Telstra and getting a 850 MHz Galaxy S. Instead I think this calls for at least another 2 years of boycotting Telstra.

P Doff

It’s all just rumours at this stage. But if they turn out to be true, I’m heading to Vodafone or Optus.


Checking the Optus site and they have it on a 49 Cap, how do Telstra justify the price? It’s ridiculous. May as well just get the desire on 49 cap instead.


Just off topic Buzz, is it worthwhile having a list of your top 5 recommended phones? Doesn’t have to be ordered. Maybe give them mini awards for “best” reception, keyboard, User Interface, build quality, etc…


That monthly price in particular is ridiculous… looks like I’ve gotta re-examine Vodafone/Optus. Had hoped Telstra would do something sane with this, considering their pricing has been trending into the realms of competitiveness. Seems I was sorely mistaken.


This will not be the starting cap price kids. There is no way. Optus, VHA and 3 are or will be half that price with twice the data. And stock of the Iphone 4 will be around on telstra for $49 cap with $149 down.


LOL yah get the Iphone 4 49 cap sell it and get the SGS………


I cannot believe this!?!? Are you sure about that $99 p/m Buzz? That is absolutely ridiculous. They will probably start @ $99, then reduce to $79 after the revolt and if they still don’t move enough I reckon they’ll go to $69 or even $59!! That will make the shareholders nervous, not to mention the massively bloated management structure @ the big T.


although I don’t think it was free on a $99 cap with any carrier 😛


This is a hoax price?
How can Telstra wanna charge $1200 more for the exact same phone over 24 months? Maybe I should start driving around in a combi van.


………. ahahahahahahaaaaaa!

you know, I knew Telstra can be quite a ripoff at times, but this is the epitome of the word ‘ripoff’.

The worst thing is there’s Telstra customers dumb enough to actually go for this


$99 Cap? Lol, what a joke. I’ll be importing a captivate or similar then, and signing up and selling a desire I guess. Kidding themselves.