Sony Ericsson was hoping to have the Android 2.1 update out for their X10 Series before October. Now they’re thinking that late October is the go-date for the updates, but keep in mind that’s for generic models, not devices loaded with carrier-ware like ours. So what does that mean for us? Well, we could be waiting even until November before we receive the update.

To put that into perspective, X10 Series owners will receive Android 2.1 almost a year after it was released, and we’re coming up to the release of Android 3.0 very soon. Good work, Sony Ericsson..

Source: Engadget.
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Noooooo!!! have been waiting for so long already, this is very dissatisfying


Cant bloody believe this! I was itching for this months update and now I am seriously considering finding a cooked ROM!


Such fail. If they actually got things out quickly, updates and phones, I’d imagine their phones would be much more popular then it is now.


Good on SE for at least getting the phones updated… unlike bloody mototola!

Max Rockatanksy

and i thought Samsung was bad


Samsung is bad… at least SE owners are getting an update

Max Rockatanksy

theyre getting 2.2 at the same time the x10 finally gets 2.1


Galaxy S owners yes but what about all those DEXT and backflip owners stuck on Android 1.5