Today we can announce that the Dell Streak is headed to Optus from October 1st on a 3 month exclusive deal. The Streak, which is the first Android Tablet launched in Oz, will be available for $649 outright or $0 upfront on Optus’s $59 Cap which includes 2GB of data, unlimited SMS & MMS and $500 worth of cap credit. The Streak hits the sweet spot between a full-blown Tablet and the typical Smartphone, with its 5″ display & video calling capabilities.

“We’re very excited about the Dell Streak coming to Optus and providing such a unique device to our customer base. The Optus Open Network is the perfect medium for people to experience the full functionality of a tablet, such as the Dell Streak.” – Austin Bryan, Director Optus Digital Media

Keep on reading for more info on the Streak & Optus’s plans..

We reviewed the Dell Streak not too long ago and were overly impressed with the device. I love being able to browse the web without having to use mobile sites, and the Streak allowed me to do this, as well as able to take calls. If you’re looking for the happy medium between Tablet + Phone, this is for you.


  • 5″ (480 x 800) Capacitive Display
  • 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 CPU
  • Android 1.6 w/ Dell UI Enhancements
  • 512MB RAM / 512MB ROM
  • 7.2Mbps Upstream / 5.76Mbps Downstream
  • HSPA 900/2100MHz
  • 5MP Camera w/ Flash
  • 16GB MicroSD Card
  • WiFi b/g + Bluetooth

“We’ve invested over $2bn in our network over the past five years, to ensure that our customers get the most our of data-centric devices such as the Dell Streak. This is a tremendous device, and we’re really looking forward to offering this milestone tablet to our customers” – Austin Bryan, Director Optus Digital Media


Press Release

If you’re bored out of your brain at work, feel free to have a read through the good ole’ press release: Dell Streak / Optus Press Release

We can confirm that Android 2.1 will be coming in the future, to add to that, we can also confirm that the pricing is far, far cheaper & reasonable than that of the Galaxy Tab 😛

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Iv used it and 1.6 is awful. I will not be buying it until 2.1 at least, preferably 2.2.

Its also really difficult to root.


Nah I’ll pass

1) It’s a dell
2) Too small, the screen is not that much bigger than my phone
3) What’s that, 1.6 wtf, 2.2 is a minimum requirement IMHO


I don’t care if they release the best android phone know to man, i’m not going to sign another 2 years with Optus. They are terrible supporting android phones.

I’m waiting to buy the HTC Desire HD outright 🙂


I wanted this so much but it just took so long for it to come out, have a galaxy s now and cant see myself buying this outright. But it just looks so sexy and thin.
and on the issue of 1.6 its been given a 2.1 update in the UK so im not sure y its coming with 1.6 here


Even though it is thin, you will look like a retard when using it as a phone :D.


LOL!! I know devices are converging but a (thin) double brick for phone is a sight to behold


And let the world know all your problems…


Not on optus, the network is so so bad!
Im just waiting for my current contract to expire.


$649 hey…. interesting…


Very tempted to go this way. This more like the price point I see the 5 and 7 inch tablets should be at.
Only one hesitation, 1.6. I brought my DEXT on the promise that it would go 2.x but now, no more upgrade. Show me the upgrade first, then I’ll go for it. Or the Galaxy Tab might drop $200 and make my pocket lighter.


Very nice. If you rate them well i might give it a shot


Very interesting, can’t wait to see some reviews of users on the optus network. This is really the first tablet that people can buy on a plan I think.

Why on earth does this have 1.6 on it. Surely dell know about froyo? Or even eclair?