We know you guys love a good competition, and there’s nothing better than being able to win yourself a brand new smartphone. So Acer ANZ are currently running a cool little competition for anyone to win one of two Liquid E smartphones.

Liquid E specs:

– 3.5″ (800×480) Capacitive Display
– HSPA (900/2100MHz)
– 768MHz Snapdragon CPU
– WiFi b/g
– 5MP Camera
– Android 2.1

To enter:

  • ‘Like’ Acer ANZ on Facebook
  • Write on their wall (in 25 words or less) telling them about your favourite Acer experience

The competition ends on Sunday 31st of October with the winner to be announced on their Facebook & Twitter on Friday 5th of November. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Seems I managed to write 25 good words. Acer just let me know that I won one of the two prizes. Happy to get that news from Acer!


I’ll enter this comp. I have a old Acer laptop that is still going strong.

Joseph D Gould

^coder: You’ve missed the point of the law on these things. The law is about requiring a permit where it’s a game of chance. This is not considered a game of chance no matter how you want to try to wrangle the word in there. The point is these competitions where an entry is judged are not considered games of chance, but games of skill and so have different requirements for permits etc.

I know because I have handled setting up competitions in a previous job.


Err, and my point being that there’s no clear definition to the “skill” involved in winning this competition. It may well be a case of: market us to your peers and we’ll give 2 phones to whoever the hell we feel like giving them too! XD
Also, I’d like to point out that Buzz said “Good luck to everyone who enters!”…luck is a matter of chance ;P


I’m having trouble finding information pertaining to the permit, that I’m sure Acer got, for running a competition that involves chance in the state of Victoria…

Joseph D Gould

Except this is a game of ‘skill’ not chance, so no permit is required:
“it will not be necessary to obtain a permit if your competition is based on skill alone (with there being no element of chance).”


There’s a chance you could go over the 25 word limit. Once you’ve written about an Acer experience in 25 words or less, it comes down to chance. There’s no way they can prove that one entry is “better” than another, so its chance…or rigged. I don’t like these dodgy competitions. That said, I still want more Android phones!!

Joseph D Gould

I would more than happily win one of these, and I regailed them with a true story of myself picking an Acer laptop for my parents when they went overseas and wanted something to be able to email from hotels and offload all their digital photos.

It was ridiculously cheap and while I setup things on it for them I was really surprised by just how decent it was to use. And then they found it super easy to use and access wireless networks around the States.


When i think of high end Android i hardly think of Acer. I think of dodgy cheap comps with locked BIOSes. Honestly this question is too tough. I don’t think anyones had a nice Acer experience. Sure their comps are solid enough, but hardly inspiring.


ok done

‘My favourite acer experience was when i was writing an essay at school and it crashed.’