Do you want to know what the definition of awesome is? I’ll tell you, it’s when you’re a “premium” mobile manufacturer who has no idea how to keep your “premium” product’s software up to date. So clearly, Sony Ericsson is awesome! And to make themselves even more awesome, they decided to make a couple of videos displaying the “new” features coming to the Xperia X10 when it’ll run Android 2.1.

The first video (all of which can be seen after the break) is demonstrates the amazing abilities to have 5, yes 5, home screens and place 20 icons on the home screen. That last point I’m genuinely impressed with though, it’s about time we were able to add more icons/widgets to the home screen. The second video shows the new continuous auto-focus in video mode, which will shoot at a nice 720p. Overall quality of the video looks acceptable, but then again the phone is on a tripod, which is evidently how everyone takes videos on their phone. Hit the break to check out the videos.

Note how the lock screen is oh so reminiscent of the iPhone, good work SE.

The update is meant to hit sometime in November, although it’s unclear whether that’s 2010 or 2011.

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hi, i have just updated my x10 with android 2.1
everything looks great except one thing.
macro option in camera worked really great before the update.
as good as a regular digital camera.
however, after the update, the macro feature had difficulty capturing
closer objects. therefore, blurry.
funny thing is if i just let it auto focus, it captures the object.
but if i press the button to focus right before clicking, it becomes blurry.
anyone experiencing same problem?


millennius phone will destroy this phone, pfft spending money into these name brands that done even give you value for money.


Sigh. They seriously need to hire more software people for their Android team. Unless they are all on that rumoured Android 3.0 device.


glad i didnt buy it off you, buzz.


The thing in the first video, where you hold down the arrow to open shortcuts to each screen, is that in standard android?


I thought it was a good addition, silly me.


Continuous autofocus during video is awesome! Are there any other android phones out there doing this?


Google it? I think that there must be another that must.


Isn’t continuous AF supported in almost all modern android phones with HD video ?? Galaxy S for one has it; I think many other phones with good cameras (supporting 720p video) do too. There is nothing new in that.


I know my milestone goes straight to fixed focus when I switch to video. I think a few do a prefocus which allows you to take a macro video but very few do full time autofocus, as for “google it”, this isn’t something that reviewers normally comment on ๐Ÿ™


September 2011: Sony announces Android 2.2 for Xperia X10!


C’mon its only behind by, oh, about a year!

Don’t understand why it has taken SE so long to come out with an upgrade. Surely it doesn’t take 10 months for some minor UI tweaks. The only reason a lot of people are hanging out for an upgrade is to run Skype which needs 2.1 or higher. No one cares about navigation by dots.


I think that you are being a little harsh to sony, if they want to loose customers that are stupid enough to buy ancient software with outdated features, that should be their issue, we shouldn’t flame sony for selling something that people want. I know that you will say that people will want it more when it is updated, but to the normal consumer, it really doesn’t matter.


loose customers?


Yeh, but it is their choice if they want to loose a consumer base, i don’t deny that it is bad for them to have these updates a year late and, yes, the software is unacceptable in its age and sony’s slow time to update their software. But on the upside it is actually good in a way for people that didn’t buy this phone, because it will give sony a bit of a jolt and tell them “YOUR SUPPORT AND SOFTWARE UPDATES SUCK!!!!” and when enough people don’t buy the phone b/c of this then we will get better… Read more ยป


i was playing on your lack of knowing how to spell ‘lose’ correctly.