For all you creative individuals, your dream phone, the Motorola FLIPOUT with it’s nasty looking form factor, is now available for purchase on Vodafone’s Online Store. It’ll set you back $29/mo or $299 outright on Vodafone Prepaid, just as we saw a week or so ago.

The FLIPOUT runs Android 2.1 with MotoBLUR 1.5 with a 2.8″ capacitive display and 3.2MP camera for those admirable Facebook shots.

Source: Vodafone - Online Store.
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I had a play with one today. The picture quality is pathetic. The qwerty keyboard is just strange and the led screen just doesn’t do it for me. I’d almost prefer the LG Optimus.


I actually really dig the form factor here, just the hideous screen and pathetic specs let it down. Heard a couple of good things about the keyboard as well.

Oh and blur… Why won’t you DIE?!


I agree with everything you have said but it is good in blur how you can resize widgets and xvid playback. Both should be standard in android, and it has good specs for a lowend device, 600mhz, capacitive screen, 256mb ram, all under $300! Although those small improvments aren’t worth an outdated version of android.


more android phones to voda prepaid! or any prepaid for that matter.