Continuing the good news for Telstra HTC Desire owners, who haven’t already given up and rooted their device, you can rest easy knowing the Froyo has passed Telstra’s rigorous testing and is set to be launched in the next few days.

FroYo passed Telstra testing this week & is with Google for the final OK. It will be released to customers in a few days.
Kristen Boschma, Head of Online Comms & Social Media at Telstra

It’s now up to the ‘Big G‘ to give it the final okay, and send the tasty frozen treat to your hungry little device. If all goes well it could possibly happen tomorrow, or no doubt sometime next week.

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Correction: available RIGHT NOW.

that’s right.


This seems promising…

Although this within the week thing feels like deja vu, for some reason.


I emailed telstra re the vague “sometime in october” release date, and was not-so-promptly replied with “sometime in october” instead of a definite release date.


Still with google apparently.


Seriously this update debacle should convince everyone to just root and tmod their desire, cause this is just madness from Telstra ๐Ÿ™


But seriously… is there any word yet? It’s a week since the four-week deadline, and the ‘any-day-now’ bit implies I should be running 2.2 already. Am I missing something, I.e. looking in the wrong place, or is it still just in limbo? Working the Desire as it is now, no problem at all, but an updated OS has to be worth it, even if only for SD-app compatibility…


I was really hoping to be wrong about this… ๐Ÿ™


Can’t believe we are still waiting for 2.2 …….I really want to be able to share wifi


@ Telstra’s twitter page… looks like there wont be OTA release due to FILE SIZE issues.. more telstra bloatwares?


petedavo I had 1 issue with my HTC desire they sent it away and i got it back in around 5 days..i cant complain..froyo has taken 2 long however..

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I’d believe it when I see it. I’ve had nothing but a less than desirable time waiting for Telstra to fix my wife’s Desire. Bought in on a business plan on 31st August. It wouldn’t turn on a few weeks later. The T-Life shop I was near told me the on/off button was frozen but they couldn’t do anything so I had to take it back to the shop I got it from as it had some sort of 72 hour thingy on the warranty. Telstra have still not fixed it nor replaced it. Yesterday it was sent from Sydney… Read more ยป


I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. Look at everything your phone does already. Unless your phone is broken, there’s hardly much to complain about. A wise person once said : “get your phone for what it does today, not what it could do tomorrow” I had a desire and it was great, but traded it for a SE X10 mini pro (running 1.6) because it suits me better NOW, not in some distant possible future when SE may or may not bring out 2.1 Broken promises from suppliers are a bit of bad form, but some… Read more ยป


@Richard, my phone is stock and it doesn’t work. There are key bugs in the ActiveSync implementation that make it really hard to keep up with my work email. For a business grade device, there really doesn’t need to be anything else wrong for me to “whine petulantly” about an upgrade. I would have been happy with a patch to their Mail app… but they seem to ignore the market as an obvious way to keep this ancilliary software up-to-date. Of course, Peep, the Twitter app, has some serious issues too – but there are free and better alternatives. The… Read more ยป


This is actually an interesting issue which is only going to get worse. Desire is basically the first phone on this platform they’ve had and look how long it took to update it. What happens as the number of android phones increase, requiring high and low level changes by the telco and others to bring new updates to market. It doesnt take a rocket scientist – based on telstra’s performance with the desire – to know that they are neither scaled or organised to handle any of the issues they are going to face offering these phones to clients and… Read more ยป


Thanks for the link morris, very helpful ๐Ÿ™‚


You gotta wonder if it is worth it for carriers to make their customers mad by spending 5 months branding a fully functional os…

Surely they can figure this kind of stuff out …


im am also checking. guaranteed the last thing i ever buy from telstra


Well what do you know…

“there are no updates available for your phone”

hahaha imagine Telstra being liars, wrong, misleading, or just a pain the butt… i never would have thought it…

David Lindsay

im glad im not the only one checking every hour or so just incase i get lucky. “there are no updates available for your phone” whats even more annoying is above that where it says “your phone is up to date” LIES, ALL LIES YOU STUPID SMART PHONE


If u will allow Im going go a little off topic… but its kinda the same! With phones becoming more powerful and capable with various apps, rom/firmware upgrades become more vital. Your telstra upgrade timetable discussion, is similar to a comment i tried to post on the vodafone blog( about their upgrade timetable with the HTC DesireHD. I tried 3 times to post it, but the blog mods wouldn’t post it. Vodafone didn’t want informed potential customers? it read… “Dear voda blog, Please tell me you will be selling this device outright and unbranded! even if it is only to… Read more ยป


Keep in mind that Telstra have had to update their state-of-the-art Apps for the Android platform to ensure that Froyo can handle their awesomeness. I mean, Telstra’s Apps bring SO MUCH VALUE to Android, it’s not funny!!!!!15 Do you understand how hard it is to update an App that is only made up of a single WebView?! Froyo has changed EVERYTHING so its essential that rigorous redevelopment is undertaken and heaps of time is spent in testing, and retesting, and sitting on stuff, and dicking around not doing anything, and watching the rest of the world go by as cobwebs… Read more ยป


Thanks for the link morris


What are you guys talking about when you say ‘rooted’ your desire? Apologies for being naive.


Lol, my fault! I knew it would happen after I rooted my desire, but I held off in hope until last night, and today this! At least I won’t have to wait long for gingerbread! Until then tmod is good!


anyone know if Desire with FroYo has DivX/avi support?


No need for Froyo to watch Divx on your Desire
I use RockPlayer and it works great


You can install an App called vPlayer from the market. It has only just been developed, so still in alpha stage. There is a discussion thread on xda, if you want to take a look



HTC should just put the updates up on there website so you can choose to wipe all the telstra crap and not have to wait.


Agreed! It actually causes a massive security problem by not doing this – puts all Desire owners in the position where they either root the phone (security risk) in order to get it up-to-date OR live in the dark with out-of-date software. Putting Desire owners in that situation is inconsiderate & disrespectful!


Sorry but this is bullshit.. they have been saying this for the past 3+ months. When (if?) Froyo comes we should get it without the crapware to compensate for the RIDICULOUS wait we have had to put up with.. My advice? root and flash a froyo rom anyway because even if Telstra roll out Froyo “in the next few days” any future updates will be take way longer than everyone elses as well. The desire is supposed to get an updated Sense UI soon and I can guarantee we will be waiting for THAT update as well. Telstra has dropped… Read more ยป


Hmm I would disagree.. I contacted both Telstra and HTC.. Telstra told me they have “no idea” and to “talk to HTC”, HTC said that it is up to the carrier to push out updates.. Since Telstra are the last to get it I would be inclined to believe HTC here.

You only have to Google “Telstra Desire Froyo” too see that Telstra have NOT kept customers up to date on this..


While I appreciate the time this sort of thing takes, I simply got sick of waiting a couple of nights ago and rooted my Desire. Much easier than I had expected. Bring on “Gingerbread”!


Agreed! I did the same ๐Ÿ˜€ And the new Desire HD ROM that’s been floating around works so well and has all the new features of the Desire HD, if only the camera worked ๐Ÿ™


Awesome – good to know Telstra is actually doing something


lol @ the pics

Chris R

Good news for the desire owners out there.


Went to a telstra shop today and they had received an email to say that telstra had had there froyo application rejected …..guess it’s still a matter of waiting