Fear not my Vodafone-detesting friends, Crazy John’s will be also be selling the HTC Desire HD from sometime in November on their $59 cap, which let’s remember, uses Vodafone’s network.

CJ’s cap is a carbon copy of Vodafone’s which pulls together $650 of cap credit, free Voda-to-Voda calls & 2GB of data. No word on whether there will be outright purchases available (I hope there are) but we’ll be sure to let you know more as the release date comes closer.

Source: Crazy John's.
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as much as I love my SGS, it’s getting way too tempting everytime I see this beauty :S


International calling limited to $59 on $59 cap plan, etc. Vodafone is $650 on $59 cap plan. Vodafone is a better choice for those who call internationally frequently.