Froyo for Telstra HTC Desire is available for download and update via HTC’s Support Site. From the looks the update isn’t OTA, but via HTC Sync like first thought.

This is awesome news for those of you who haven’t already rooted your Desire and loaded on a Custom ROM such as T-Mod. Please note that if you’ve rooted your Desire, loading on this update may prevent you from rooting it in the future.

Let’s us know how you go. 😀

Source: HTC - Support.
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ROM Upgrade for HTC Desire (Froyo) (Telstra)
Release Date: 2010-11-04

linux backup cd

Backups do not need to be a task. A thoughtful backup cron will work for years!


Mine bricked and Tel$tra wouldn’t do anything – well the T-Life staff told me I had to ‘wear it’ and perhaps think about getting a prepaid to use till they could find out more info for me.

Rang Telstra direct and they gave me a shiny new iPhone no questions asked.

Sorry, I won’t be going back to Android in a hurry. This was a really bad experience for me 🙁


sucks that google lets their software get destroyed by manufacturers and networks, i’m sure if it was stock Android you would have been fine.


Tried to download Froyo OTA today. Got a message that it was successful but the software version reads 2.1 in settings/about phone, and the internet doesn’t work!? Love it.


Same issue, did you get a fix?


Installed this over the internet direct to the phone. Seems to work ok, except that the internet browser function generates a fatal error. Any ideas?


Not sure where you got your information from but Froyo is certainly available via OTA.

Settings > About Phone > System software updates > Check now – for those who haven’t updated yet.


Did worked just fine…


John Poot

Hmm, yes indeeedy – the OTA update alert turned up on my T Desire this morning. There was a proviso there to not use the Mobile network for the upgrade – I’m guessing you’d need a good kicking for trying a 100 odd Meg download and subsequent upgrade while ripping down the highway, or worse, mucking about in lifts in tall buildings:-) Anyhow, the upgrade worked a treat on my machine with no data or programs lost from previously installed bloat. Oh, and Nav L, GPS is running quite well. I had ‘Antennas’ and ‘GPS status’ installed prior to upgrade,… Read more »


My update went smoothly enough. Didn’t like having to reinstall things, but as NaughtyJim said above – it has its advantages. I’ve decided not to install a whole bunch of things I didn’t really use.

Just wondering through if anyone’s noticed any WORSE battery use since the upgrade.

And of course, Telstra sucks.


Although Telstra fills Froyo with guff, I’m not cross at them much, except that they didn’t provide a local download of the ROMs which would have made life much easier. HTC – very stinky of you to provide a Linux-based phone that only syncs & updates using Windows. Also, the download rate on your websites sucks. Thanks to a hint (above) I also used a download manager (for Mac) to download the image at 120KBPS, far in excess of the 8 I was getting from a single browser session. Also, given a hint in here, I killed all HTC processes… Read more »


I must be the only person to not have any issues doing the update. After cancelling the Asia 1 server (ETA 9 hours!) for the US server, I had the rom in about 40 minutes. Installed HTC Sync, which had no dramas recognising the phone. Then ran the update, with took less than 10 minutes.

My only complaint would be the lack of any apparent option to backup stored data and settings before updating. Starting over with a clean slate has its benefits though.


It is interesting that people actually expected the telstra update to be smooth and easy… People you misunderstood the meaning of “telstra update”. It is telstra providing it, it never was going to be easy, it never was going to be smooth. When I figured that part out and saw the massive threads of support available for the T mod, I decided to go with T mod instead.

Nav L

I updated to (Telstra version) Froyo the night it was put up on the HTC site. It appears to be be a lot faster then 2.1 with some neat additions. However I am experiencing one issue, GPS has stopped working. I have GPS Test app installed on my Desire which seems to be getting good GPS signal. Anyone else having the same issue?


my one seems to have stopped working as well

Ian K

haha telstra.., waaayy too late to the party.

anyone with half a brain rooted their desire ages ago. now you finally do release it and based on what i’ve read above you can’t even get THAT right..



Telstra will work out soon that its cheaper to do this update OTA than tying up their support staff with complaints of bricked phones…


In the past week, Telstra have announced they plan to have their support staff provide remote administration of PCs and Phones to fix problems rather than diagnosing problems…My diagnosis, however, is that Telstra itself is the problem and we’re all safer if Telstra keep their clueless paws off our technology. I hope that consumers backlash against Telstra by buying phones elsewhere in future – Telstra deserve that, and it seems the only way they’ll learn a lesson is the hard way (i.e. “oh gees, massive profit loss in smartphone sales since we urinated all over our Android customers!”).


I downloaded the ROM, updated it and it was successfully installed even that congratulation message popped up… but now my phone wont boot past the telstra screen when i boot it back up… HELP ME PLEASE! 🙁


Forgive my ignorance but this upgrade process just sounds absurd!
Shouldn’t Telstra automatically upgrade ALL Desires it sells from now on?
What on earth is wrong with Telstra?!?


I have had all the problems listed by others. Mirror sites for downloading the upgrade too slow. Using Win 7 64 bit, upgraded to HTC Sync 3.0 nd tried to upgrade phone -didn’t work and then HTC sync no longer worked – phone not connected even though it was. Every time I tried upgrade got the 170 error as others. Reported to HTC support and to their credit they have been following up but not really doing aanything. Eventually by following instructions at various threads managed to install Froyo however HTC SYNC 2.0 didn’t work and support suggested going to… Read more »

Tardis Fundraising

HTC sync 3.0.5422
XP pro
Adobe Air (latest update)
I downloaded the Telstra desire update from HTC using free download manager adding all the servers as mirrors which made it really quick.
Backed up the phone thru privacy setting and also synced it with pc 1st.
Updated to FROYO without a hitch.
But where has the setting for backup and thus restore gone.
Ran sync from pc to get my contacts back, but have to reinstall all applications that I had previously and reenter all passwords etc.


My privacy settings are missing as well


I concur – the install process from HTC is highly flawed. I managed to sort out the problems and get it installing, but the average person would have no idea. 1. The only decent download rate was from the Europe servers 2. Running Win 7 home premium and Sync 3.0.5422. Installation hangs trying to open the boot loader – it appears a new device driver was recognised during the process and Windows recommended a reboot. 3. Rebooted windows, removed battery from phone for 30 sec, replaced and tried again. 4. HTC Sync can see phone, but now installer cannot see… Read more »


Wow that is freaking amazing!!! 6 months for this??? You suck telstra. How the heck do you screw this up. I agree with the above statement. The Europe server is the only good one. The rest are horrible. I started to update the rom (win 7, 64bit) all was going well until it was waiting for boot loader then it just timed out and the phone froze. Had to disconnect the battery. Now when I try I just get connection errors. Well it connected just fine to htc sync. Freaking telstra! I even got an error saying my battery was… Read more »


Hi Ben, the exact same thing happen to me on Win7 Enterprise 64bit, so I tried it on a WinXP 32bit, worked first go in less than 10 minutes.


Same here, luckily I had my Brother-In-Laws laptop to repair for him. WIn XP and about 10 mins was all it took. Although it was “Quirky” while installing, showing no connection to the phone but working anyway. In the very early stages of the update, I actually unplugged and re-plugged to regain connection before quickly hitting the “Next” button on the installer ……….. UNTIL the real business was underway, then “Hands Off”. I expect there will be thousands of people caught out with this, and those who are not “a little bit geeky around the edges” are going to stress… Read more »

Hello TMod

I waited all this time for Telstra to release the ROM and they go and do it as an installer that requires a Windows PC that I don’t have. It’s funny that I’ve been forced to install TMod because I could do it on my Ubuntu desktop. Now that it’s done, and I’ve had a chance to play around with Froyo, I should have ditched Telstra months ago. @Nick, the bloat comes from Telstra putting all those spam links into the apps folder making it hard to find the useful apps amongst the junk. That and the stupid “send a… Read more »


Is the bloatware really that bloating? When you look at the apps in the settings menu they show now size and most of them are just short cuts to bookmarks.

About Time!

Just in case anyone out there is confused about download times/speed. I should note that the Europe servers are by far the fastest. I’m currently downloading the update at 180kb/s from Euro 1. As far as i know (from multiple failed attempts) the Asia 1 & 2, and US are a complete waste of time.

Justme dreaming

So to the people that have updated.
whats the major difference/improvement?


Wow, I am sitting here reading all the issues folks are having…cannot believe my eyes! I mean, after all these months of waiting and still there are problems. Irony much?? So glad I rooted when I did…

Shame, HTC/Telstra, SHAME!!


Hey guys, I had the same problem as other people; Downloaded and installed HTC Sync 3 from the website Got the new 2.2 RUU and attempted to install installation would get to the bootloader then error with 170 or 171 (USB connection error) Im running windows 7 (32) and i tried hard resetting the phone etc but nothing worked. ***WHAT DID WORK*** was using my sisters computer running Windows Vista (64). Same process as above, using HTC Sync 3 i managed to upgrade it without a hassle. My guess is that there are issues with windows 7 drivers for the… Read more »

Greg Lamb

does anyone really trust telstra these days??????


Can anyone that updated ok confirm that Telstra bloatware is still on the ROM, and that we still cannot remove it?


Just maker the update ota telstra you tight a$$ morons… The only people left with unrooted phones by this stage are those who tech scares… Don’t make their lives harder!

I plan on updating my wifes phone with telstra, then comparing speed etc with mine, running t mod.

Should make for some interesting videos etc.


HTC advise NOT to attempt the install until “the problem is fixed”. I’ll Twitter this as well.


Funny, I’m on the phone to HTC right now with the exact same error. What a bunch of bloody idiots.


Now on the phone to HTC, this should be fun!


Error (171):USB CONNECTION ERROR. What the?


Downloaded last night, amazingly slow, but now installed and working great.


Ah, the Telstra experience!


Ok, so does anybody know how to restore your backup? The privacy option is missing in the settings menu.

Ben Costello

I just tried again thismorning after changing HTC SYnc from Ver 2 to 3, Allowing “?” Drivers to be installed and everything was looking good. Sync connected to phone all very colourful, started installer and GUESS WHAT, As soon as I starrted it, the USB connection dropped out again just as it did with Sync Ver 2. SOME Others with WIn 7 64 Bit seem to have had success, am I cursed???


Downloaded it (very very slow) and ran it. works like a charm! I’m running Windows 7 (64 bit). Other than the slow download of a 173 mb file, it went very smoothly.


Did the update at work this morning.
Seamless on XP with Sync 2, and only took about 5 minutes.


HTC Sync 3.0
Windows XP Pro

HTC Desire successfully updated. No issues encountered at all.


Well I just updated with HTC Sync 3, I am running Win 7 32bit. I had no problems at all with the Froyo update went so smoothly and quicker than I thought. I do agree with the comments above Telstra has a lot to answer for… If this is just one of what I believe to be two major updates for the Desire, Froyo and Gingerbread certain people should hang their heads in shame. I love my HTC Desire to bits, I was not game enough to Root the phone, I have only had it for 3 weeks. As much… Read more »


I’ll try again in that case. Thanks tyecat.


Has anyone had any success with Windows 7 and HTC Sync 3+?


Yes. It works for me quite well.


Finally at around midnight last night it all worked.
I removed the MY HTC driver as people had suggested on whirlpool to get around the “170” usb errors. The first time I ran the update it got to the first process then disconnected. I left the phone as it was (displaying “HTC” on the screen). I exited the update program but upon checking the processes in Task Manager the updater program was still running. I killed that process then started the process and this time success only took about 5-7 minutes.
HTC Sync : 3.0.5422
OS:Win 7 Ultimate 64bit


It worked without a problem for me, even though the download did take forever lol I used Windows 7 and HTC Sync 3


T mod… Easier, safer, faster download, no bloatware… Save yourself the pain!


this is beyond a joke


Win7 64 bit…. I had all the troubles and here is the solution: Connect your device. When the bootloader screen appears: * Right-click on Computer and select Properties * On the left hand side select device manager [yes one of many ways to get there!] * At the top of the device manager should be Android USB Devices, click the drop down. * The device driver “HTC blah blah” needs to be modified and updated to “myhtc”. Do this by right clicking and selecting “update driver”. * choose to install the driver yourself from your computer. It should come up… Read more »


Thanks Gary that worked for me.

Ben Costello

Unfortunately it did not work for me, It just told me the drivers were up to date.
Still get USB disconnecting as soon as the first grey window comes up in the installer ………….. after that, I guess it is not going to install.


Thanks Gary, spent two hours last night trying to install but kept getting error170. Went by your instructions and worked perfectly, I think you should be in charge of the monkeys at Telstra! 😛


Ok that was perfect Gary! So glad that someone knows what they are doing!


Gary you are a GEM!!! I just made sure I was ready with the device manger screen before I even started the install. I found you can change back to original driver (MyHTC) after the “bootloader” driver installs itself and then the entire upgrade process will not stop. Therefore you don’t have to turn your phone off, etc.

Well done! You have saved me from more grey hairs.

HTC and Telstra you should be ashamed of releasing this without testing it thoroughly. This is App Building 101.

Win7 64 bit Ultimate.
HTC Sync 3


Win7 64 bit Ultimate.
HTC Sync 3
After trying numerous ways, this is the one that worked for me.


win vista 32 all good here


Win7 64, think Ill wait a bit before I try


Oh joy! Another SNAFU from the big “T” and it’s associates. Night all, lets hope by tomorrow they have it sorted.


I give up.

Wont even try and load the bootloader now.

Just comes up with error 170.

Poor, poor form Google, HTC and Telstra!


I’d say the problem would stem mostly from Telstra, possibly HTC, and not Google at all 😉