If you’re the owner of any one of the devices above, there is almost no doubt that you’re well & truly annoyed that you’re running Android 1.6. It seems Sony Ericsson is to busy leaking stuff out about its PlayStation Phone, to worry about updating devices that people already own. Sony Ericsson UK noted via a Tweet on Twitter (yeah, I stuck to the new rules), that the update was in the testing phase and was good to go within, and I quote, “a few days”. Now Engadget has gladly gotten their hands on some more details that suggest the Nordic regions will receive the update tomorrow, with everywhere else to follow. Yeah, that’s not vague at all.

I’m expecting that if the roll-out goes to plan, we’ll see an update here early to mid November, which I believe is the date SE initially had before attempting to push it forward. But as Engadget pointed out, just think of the 720p video with auto-focus that will be coming your way, Xperia X10 owners.

Source: Sony Ericsson UK.
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not in Australia yet

well i have 2X X10s. one is the X10i, and the other is Telstras X10a.

my X10i got the update to 2.1 this morning, and while there is a huge improvement to the phone in general, its still missing out on key features. plus mediascape seems to be having trouble loading my music collection on my memory stick


hmm, it appears this is not 2.1, but is nevertheless wasn’t available earlier..


Received my X10 mini pro update via PC suite when I decided to give it a check this afternoon. Pretty pleased it’s finally here.

no update

sadly i am a x10 mini owner….and i am still waiting for the update, been checking all evening and so far nothing. its almost 11:00 (10:58) pm here in sweden and i am predicting either another broken promise or a release of the update at 11:59. btw some sites are stating that the service app on sony ericsson’s webpage is the update, this is incorrect, its just a service app to run the update once it comes out…..”coincidentally” the software version is all i am getting from my pc comanion, update on phone and service update app is “your… Read more »


And HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S users where bitching about not getting 2.2.
Sony can always take it to one more level.


LOL, 2.1




Gingerbread will probably be on some phones by then…….


From a branding perspective I wonder if Sony’s actions are causing it brand damage. Once Sony were seen as the being at the forefront of tech with premium product. Now their devices run 1.6 and are update to 2.1 is embarrassingly behind the time. Hell they even make Telstra and their Desire debacle seem competent.