If you’re one of the Tablet-Phone loving geeks like myself, you obviously went and purchased your Dell Streak the first day it was available, right? Maybe it was just me then. Anyway, the Dell Streak will be getting Android 2.2, skipping the Android 2.1 stepping-stone which caused a long list of errors for the Streak. The confirmation of the 2.2 update was given out by @stephenjatdell (Stephen Jio, Dell UK eBusiness Program Manager) in a Tweet saying:

It’s official Android 2.2 update is coming to all EU Dell Streaks, including O2 via OTA. More details to follow! #dellstreak

First off, you may be thinking “Buzz, that’s Europe, you idiot!”. Indeed it is, which is why everything that happens overseas always hits us last. So the Android 2.2 update for the Dell Streak is coming to Europe, and coming to Aussie Streaks.. Well.. Your guess is as good as mine, although it’s always nice knowing there’s an update coming. Take note, again, Sony Ericsson.

Update: Not only will the Streak be getting 2.2, but Dell are also porting across ‘Stage UI’ which was first seen on the leaked Dell Thunder. Instead of explaining exactly what it is, check out the video after the break to see it for yourself.

Source: Stephen Jio.
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I bought my streak outright and i’m looking forward to the 2.2 update.
I want better exchange support and the ability to play more games that requrie 2.x of android/


Hmmm, this makes buying a Streak from a UK vendor rather than Optus all the more tempting…


If only it was on the $49 plan….