It looks like Harvey Norman will be one of the places you’ll be able to purchase your brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab from. On their site, Harvey Norman have confirmed Optus’s $59 Data Cap that our source was once again spot on about. The Cap will include 10GB of data, and will expand to 20GB depending on the on-peak and off-peak times that Optus will set on launch. The launch date for the Gal Tab on a plan is 10th of November, which is this Wednesday, as for buying it for a whopping $999, you’ll have to wait until December according to Harvey. There is a pre-order form at your disposal if you’re desperate for the outright device.

Looks like the perfect Christmas present, doesn’t it? Samsung have even confirmed both Gingerbread (2.3) & Honeycomb (3.0) will be available for the Galaxy Tab, so it’s somewhat future proof for you Android Tablet early adopters. Still not sure about the Gal Tab? Check out our review.

Source: Harvey Norman.
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Well 10th November is nearly over and there appears to be no Galaxy Tabs in Melbourne from what I can determine.

The 2 Optus (company owned) stores in Melbourne CBD haven’t received any yet and still waiting for Harvey Norman to ring me about my “pre-order” there either.


Well I was wrong, managed to get once of the Harvey Norman Melbourne CBD (QV) Store’s last Galaxy Tabs late today. When I rang at 3.00pm they had 5, when I walked in at 4.45pm they had 3, when I left at 5.30pm they were all gone.

The Optus store in the CBD tells me they are not expecting any stock until early to mid next week when they will also receive demo unit. There was also a hint more deals might get released soon, we’ll just have to wait and see.


My Galaxy Tab is being delivered on Wednesday! I can hardly wait 🙂


How did you score that? I’ve been ringing stores all over town to try and get one for myself on Wednesday???
Any tips / help on where to pick one up would be awesome,
P.S. I’m in Brisbane, QLD, if that makes a difference?


Cheque is in the mail 😛


Thanks Buzz. I have a phone for calls and text. I’m currently spending about $60 pm for 3GB of data on my telstra pre paid usb stick to use with my lappie. So, no more top ups! For the same money I’ll get 10-20 GB of data and a kick ass future proof tablet to use with it. Awesome 🙂 This deal was made for me!


Does this 10GB plan include any calling or is it purely a data plan.

I don’t want to have one of these AND a phone!


In the terms and condition Galaxy TAB info sheet I got from Optus, the plan is purely for data only. Too Bad, it also mentions should you use voice call / sms / mms you’d be charged at prevailing rate. So be wary!