Update: Winners have been chosen, congrats guys. If you didn’t win, don’t be bummed out, we have plenty more giveaways lined up πŸ™‚

With the HTC Desire HD out now on Vodafone and Telstra’s exclusive on the HTC Desire is well and truly over, us Desire owners are starting to feel a little unloved and forgotten. But don’t worry fellow Desire owners, I’ve pulled together a few things to give away. First off: 3 HTC Desire Skins provided to us a few months back by Mr Gadget, big thanks to him again. Secondly, the Extended Battery (2600mAh w/ cover) that I purchased off of eBay not too long ago, and I’m feeling like I should give a little something back to you guys.

So here’s how we’ll do this for a bit of Friday/Weekend, laid back kinda fun. Simply answer the question below and specify that you want to win a skin or the battery:

What’s your favourite feature on your Desire, and why?

Most fun/creative answers will win, with winners being chosen Monday arvo’.

Entry conditions: You must be an Australian Resident & 18+ to win. By entering you agree that we can contact you via email to request delivery details for your prize if chosen. Skins will be chosen at random to be sent to each winner.

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With all the talk about extending battery life, I found this post from HTC that may help; 1) Turn your device ON and CHARGE for 8 hours of more 2) Unplug the device and TURN the phone OFF and charge for 1 hour 3) Unplug the device and TURN ON wait 2 minutes and then TURN OFF and charge for another hour. Doing this, your battery life should almost double, apparently they???? have tested this method on this and other devices and other agents have seen a major difference as well. Another hint was to remove the plastic cover from… Read more Β»




Damn thought I was in with a chance… Congrats to the winners though

Patrio Graysmark

Congrats to the winners! πŸ˜€

damn I lucked out D:

Well played people πŸ™‚




I love HTC desire because its the closest clone to Google Nexus one with the adorable Sense built in!


With the Froyo update, HTC Desire + WiFi Hotspot + 3G-less Amazon Kindle = Amazon Kindle with 3G, and I didn’t have to pay Amazon an extra $50 =D


My favourite Desire feature it’s hidden antenna.
A lot of people like a phone that flaunts it’s sexy antenna, all style and no substance,
but I like my Desire’s unassuming little guy which proves it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


My favourite feature is the personal relationship I have with my Desire. That sounds wrong. Let me explain. I wanted it so bad before I got it. Then when I did it was a thing of wonder and beauty. For the future I see a life of OS iterated app filled bliss. That sounds worse. You’re right. I need to get out more. Don’t give me the prize. It’ll only encourage me. I’m taking it back. I need a healthier device. I think I need to Wii.



I really like the screen size. Excellent in order to watch movies on my way to work.


Hey.. Great that Telstra’s exlusive hold on the HTC Desire is “well and truly over”… but as a cash strapped envious non-owner of a Desire, does anyone have any clues on when or if any of the other carriers (…especially voda??) will offer the Desire on a plan?… it’s the only way I could afford to buy one? Seems slim chances now that voda has the shiny new Desire HD… but the HD is just too big for my liking. The Desire seems to have the perfect balance of compactness and functionality. Anyone able to shed some light on if… Read more Β»


So I thought I would express my favourite feature of the HTC desire in poem: The HTC Desire is like no other phone It makes any other phone look like an old bone When choosing a phone there’s no sitting on the fence Because this is the choice that makes more Sense The UI is fast and sleek Making everyone want to have a peak But alas, it is not without it’s flaw For it leaves the user wanting more Not more functionality or anything sublime But rather, simply more time Outside of the power socket And in the user’s… Read more Β»

Peter L

Its gotta be HTC Sense. I call my unshackled beauty,”Flange Desire”,from Aunty Jack fame.
The gorgeous touch screen and UI simply runs rings around my X10 Mini Pro, even if that does go 2.1 one day.
It could do with a bigger battery… but failing that, a nice new skin is just what Flange wants. You know it makes sense.


V-Player …… da best πŸ™‚


I’d like the battery.
Love the browser. combined with the form factor. It’s quite liberating to have that connectivity on the move.


My favourite feature of the Desire is that my wife calls it ‘The Mistress’ πŸ™‚ I just can’t seem to put this Android down, and she swears that she has caught me caressing it πŸ™‚ Screen response, the ability to customise it to my liking, root for weekly ROM updates, checks for new and/or better apps, my life (social, work, and fun) at my fingertips and all integrated. The piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance? Voice Control … sending SMS by voice recognition, skipping audio tracks by voice recognition, dialling friends by voice rcognition, even we searches by voice recognition. This alone makes… Read more Β»


Received my blue skin today, thanks Buzz!

It’s a great case, and anybody wanting one should definitely do so – http://www.mrgadget.com.au/catalog/mrgadget-htc-desire-blue-soft-gel-silicon-case-p-8379.html

I’ve looked at a couple of cases (in-store and eBay etc.) but always found them not fitting well, and squared off cutouts that look like they were done with a stanley knife etc. But not this case – it’s very soft, excellent fitting, and very nice feel. It even fits within my PDAir horizontal belt case!


My favourite feature of my HTC Desire is being able to install any apps and without the use of itunes!

Can i have the skin please πŸ™‚


My favourite feature is that it’s not a Nokia N95 running Symbian. My least favourite feature is that it’s my wife’s Desire, not mine.

*sigh* Stupid Nokia.

She’ll probably want the skin.

Keith Ferguson

The HTC Desire is the 3rd phone type, I have tried in the last 3 months
I’m an older guy and now with this phone I think I have come up trumps.
This HTC Desire is the complete communication package for young and old alike
other phones can’t come near to it for speed and handling, even on my bike.
The screen is crystal clear and the reception outstanding,I even get the weather
the more I play with it the better it gets I’m going to keep this phone forever.


My fave feature would have to be the widgets. News feeds, friend stream, email and more. Though my real fave are the settings widgets so I can control 3g, WiFi, bluetooth and hotspot. With a single tap. Also they confuse iPhone users πŸ™‚


That I don’t have to carry a pc around with me everywhere to do anything, like I would with in iPhone.


My favorite thing about my Desire is that it’s not an iPhone…therefore I don’t have to walk around acting pretentious, hoping people notice how hip and unmainstream I am because of the cellphone I have.


My favourite feature of the Desire is the fact its not an iphone and that it has opened peoples eyes to the fact that the iphone is not the only phone out there.


My fav feature on my HTC Desire is the Friends stream. With one click of the button I can stalk all my friends.


My favourite on my Desire is that I can download emails over 3G, and reminding my old man of this fact – his HD2 can’t.


My favourite feature is the screen – everytime I use another touchscreen device, then come back to my Desire, it’s like falling in love all over again.

That’s not to say the GPS, sturdiness, OS or the thousand other awesome-sauceiness features of the phone aren’t … awesomesauce … either =)

Gerardo Demarte

The best thing about my Desire is that it’s not an iphone! I like the fact that I can customize every option, function and more…. until my kids change it….. it’s drains my battery,trying to get it back to how I like it, hence my Desire for another battery!


My favourite feature of the HTC Desire is that it works underwater!

Except my battery seems to be dead now and it doesn’t work underwater anymore, so I could use a new battery.


The feature I like on my HTC Desire is that it has physical buttons.
Yes that’s plural. I can operate a phone with more than one button ;P.

One thing that annoyed me about my HTC Touch HD was the touch buttons. Takes a second to register a press. Physical buttons mean instant response and like most people I don’t like having to wait.

Would prefer the battery because I already have a skin for my Desire, but honestly I’m not fussed.



My fav feature is the lack of memory.
Why is that a feature ? Because it keeps me from wasting too much time installing and testing every app in the market place.

Glen Reed

I desired the DESIRE what a great choice, no rotten apples here!


My fav feature with the HTC desire HD is the htcsense.com
If im in the office and forgot my phone, I can reroute my calls to my extension, send and recieve texts and make the phone ring when I get home to see where I left it.
I love my Desire HD!!!!


I like the fact that its different. Its far removed from the cliche that is the iPhone. Its customizable, fun and you can change the look of it the way you change your clothes.

All in all a real power house of a device.


Location is my feature, maps without loading, the power of Tomtom in the phone, best combined device.

More info: http://www.htc.com/www/press.aspx?id=149490&lang=1033

Helen Perris

My favourite feature on the Desire is without a doubt the Share button. With the share button, I can camera-whore to my heart’s content and immediately send it via email or MMS, post to Twitter or Facebook, create a blogpost or edit the photo in Vignette and that’s just for photos. The fact that you can share practically anything with any application on the phone with one button is the most user-friendly thing I’ve ever seen on any phone ever.

Give me some skin, buddy!


My favourite Desire feature is the SenseUI. It adds that apple-like polish craved by the mass market. My second favourite feature is the build quality – my Desire hit the road at 50kph when it was 3 days old (popped out my pocket whilst bike racing). A few tiny scratches that’s it – still working perfectly. Add the speed of Froyo to SenseUI and Desire’s hardware and we clearly have best smartphones available (except for Desire HD – same but bigger screen) – Stew.au PS I would prefer the spare battery – like a previous poster I also use endomondo… Read more Β»


Favourite feature is wifi hotspot. It means I only have to pay 1 monthly 3G data fee, and I can share that data across all my portable devices. No need to see whether a particular Linux distro is compatible with a particular 3G modem built-in a notebook anymore, I just use my Desire as a 3G modem, and everything and everyone else can always connect to it and use the net.

It’s simply brilliant.

Patrio Graysmark

I think Jonathan is winning so far πŸ™‚


I am on a contract and what I like most about my Desire it always works. More than happy to see it out for the next eighteen months. So many bonuses with everything Froyo gives. I can change the look everyday so easily and with the market improving can only get better.


The “back” button πŸ˜›


Love the wifi hotspot,
Cause whether I’m in a train or a yacht,
And need to send an email,
That requires a lot of detail,
I can type it on my notebook,
it’s so much faster, I don’t even have to look.

But the hotspot uses heaps of juice
My battery life gets reduced
An extended battery would be great,
so I can share my net till late.


My fav feature of the Desire… ME = Android is so customisable that my phone reflects who I am, not who the CEO of HTC is… My HTC Desire oozes me!!! πŸ™‚


Its ability to keep me up at night!


My favourite feature is the look of shock on iPhone owner’s faces when they are made aware of the power of this beast of a phone. Oh, and the confusion when I try to explain what a widget is. Battery would be nice.

Patrio Graysmark

My favorite feature would have to be the off checkbox for haptic feedback, of all the apps and hardware features it packs into the best phone I’ve laid hands on, the ability to stop it from vibrating when I type is a perfect godsend, only thing I can’t get for it without hacking is more BLUE in the UI, would love to ditch the piano black motif of the interface and the current skin I have on it XD


The feature I like the most is the GPS allied with the app Endomondo. As a fairly competitive person who is also an accountant, I like to test myself by bike riding and measure my exercise. The app uploads my bike ride in realtime to the web for review by me or to be followed by others. The GPS allows the tracking of the ride and maps where I have been


Favourite feature: I can play all kinds of video formats, not just those blessed by the Steve.

I wouldn’t mind the extra battery as playing videos does run down the battery quite quickly.


The best feature is that you get to join the exclusive club of desire users who are constantly frustrated by telstra and the ‘line-ride’ to wait for rom releases. That, and the fact that you have freedom from being held to ransom by companies like apple, oh wait……


My favourite desire feature is that i dont need itunes to operate it. Like seriously, what rubbish is that? Oh, and the tight Google Cloud features are pretty damn sweet too πŸ™‚

Would love a spare battery for my upcoming travel adventure… ah yes, another feature i love – replaceable battery. hahaha