The Tablet race has just begun here in Oz, with the high-end being taking up mainly by the iPad & Galaxy Tab and the low-end being filled with heaps of cheap Tablets such as the Telstra T-Touch Tab, Optus My Tab and of course the Millennius SmartQ. As most of us know, with cheap technology “you get what you pay for,” this of course applies to all these low-end Tablets but each of them certainly has its own use. Going into this review I honestly did not have high hopes for the SmartQ, but hey for something that retails at $299 $199 it really did surprise me. Hit the break to get into it.


  • Cheap!
  • Full HDMI output (1080p & 720p)
  • USB for 3G dongles
  • Kickstand


  • Resistive Screen (there, I said it)
  • Confusing button layout if you are used to other Android devices

What’s in the box?

Inside the SmartQ box is most of the accessories needed to happily use the Tablet.

  • Millennius SmartQ
  • Wall Charger
  • HDMI Cable
  • Quick Start Guide / Manual. All that lovely reading material

There are no headphones included, but that’s not a major loss considering nearly every household has a pair or six hanging around and headphones included with device are usually quite bad.


When you first pick up the SmartQ it feels relatively heavy and somewhat thick considering its body is made entirely of plastic, it’s not an over-the-top kind of heavy though which is always a plus. The first thing that struck me when I tried to turn it on, is that all the buttons aren’t set out like your average Android device, instead the power, lock/unlock/volume up & volume down are located on the side of the device with strange icons denoting which is which. It’s the same on the front of the device with back, home & menu. No doubt this is to cover input when you dual-boot into Ubuntu.

The screen, as resistive as it may be, is usable even without the included Stylus. It’s the full 7″ rocking 840×400 pixels, which is pretty good considering its price, as well as not having to worry about apps not scaling up properly. I didn’t encounter any issues with the screens calibration allowing typing on the keyboard to be fairly accurate. The kickstand is a great addition, especially when you want to watch some HD movies or play the occasional game (I was hooked on Angry Birds), although it is made out of plastic like the rest of the body making it feel as though it could snap if you put too much pressure on it.

There are stereo speakers on the rear of the SmartQ, which make for legible sound quality and are prefect for playing back your favourite tunes as it leans back on its kickstand.

I love the addition of the full-sized HDMI port, and the fact that Millennius include a HDMI cable. I plugged it straight into my TV, browsed the web (there’s this great site called Ausdroid ;)) and continued to play Angry Birds. It’s also great when you put HD movies on the SD Card (yes, SD) of the SmartQ then play them onto your TV as well as the many other things you could do.

WiFi worked perfectly for me, and at times had better signal than that of the high-end Desire HD. I never encountered problems with the minimal 128MB of RAM when multitasking, if you were to push this thing to the limits then yes, RAM & battery life would be a problem.

The only real problem I had with the hardware of the SmartQ were the buttons. Mainly because I am so used to the normal layout, and that the lock/unlock button was a little slow to turn on the screen again once locked, making me think the device had switched itself off. Other than that I was happy with the quality of the hardware.

[nggallery id=57]


The SmartQ can dual-boot into Android 2.1 and Ubuntu, which is great but we only care about Android here, right?

On booting the SmartQ you are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to go with Ubuntu or Android, clearly I’d always choose the latter. Boot up time isn’t going to break land speed records, but when something’s powered by a 600MHz CPU you’re already aware that no speed records are out there for the taking. That’s not to say the SmartQ isn’t slow, it had no trouble browsing the web, checking emails, playing games and watching video (HD & YouTube).

As you can probably see in the picture above of me playing Angry Birds, the text in the top right corner is whited out for some reason. I am guessing that it’s a software conflict with the SmartQ, though Solitaire worked perfectly. That’s the only real error I’ve found with the software. Live wallpapers hardly lag the system at all, which is very similar to what I saw with the LG Optimus, must be those resistive screens.. or the placebo effect. Another absolutely brilliant thing about the SmartQ is that it supports the Android Market, something that the Pioneer Dreambook does not. Having the Android Market almost makes or breaks the device, either you have access to ~100,000 apps, or you have access to a bare few unless you know how to side-load them, so props to Millennius for that.
Since the SmartQ isn’t sold via a Carrier there is no crappy ‘bloat-ware’ to worry about and since it’s running Vanilla Android it won’t take Millennius long to push out the Android 2.2 update soon.
Battery Life

There is a massive 4500mAh battery packed into the back of the SmartQ which is the reasoning behind the weight of the device. 4500mAh is more than enough to power the device during your casual browsing, emailing & games; however, if you’re a HD movie watcher you can’t be asking too much from the battery but you will get through your favourite Film. At the time of posting this review, I currently have a HD movie (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World @ 720p) playing over HDMI to my TV. I’ll let you know of battery after the movie.


Millennius are selling the SmartQ with the motto “The Millennius SmartQ is for the smarty-pants of you who want to read, write, surf, send e-mails, share videos, screen and share images and much more”, I think they’re 100% right. Sure this device isn’t going to be speedy and as good-looking as the iPad or Galaxy Tab, but it’s currently one fifth the price of a Galaxy Tab, and its features and hardware allow it to do much more than one fifth of what a Galaxy Tab can. I would love to have one of these around the house just to check my emails on, browse the web and watch videos, it’s perfect for those jobs at this price point, the T-Touch Tab, My Tab and Dreambook have some real competition on their hands.

And really, for $199 it’s a giveaway *hint hint*.

Note: As most of you know I keep reviews short so you guys can ask us questions that you want answered about the device. Hit us up in the comments πŸ™‚

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    I am currently looking at getting tablets for my 3 teenagers for xmas. They requested iPads, but being a single mum, that is out of the question. They are after something that they can surf the internet with as well as play games together. Can these devices be paired up wirelessly to play 2 player games together? I have been looking at some cheap china imports on ebay, can anyone recommend something to me as I know you all might think that these are cheaply priced, for me $597 is a lot of money πŸ™
    Thank you in advance.




    Thanks πŸ™‚
    I was using that but had a senior moment, I had 90 selected, because I wanted it rotated 90 degrees, amazing what happens when you select 0.
    Thanks all, very happy with it πŸ™‚


    Just bought one of these.
    Not that impressed with the touch screen, find it almost impossible to scroll up and down, how the hell do you rotate it? And it keeps coming up with a r instead of e when typing, is there a way of calibrating the screen?


    I havnt had a problem with the keyboard.
    Try using your fingernail or the stylus, it works really good.

    Even when using the finger print still find it good, but even better with the finger nail.


    What stylus???
    Great instructions!
    Works perfectly with the stylus πŸ™‚
    Anyone know how to rotate the screen?

    David Craker

    I have a need already for a 10″ Screen with at least 1024 x 768 pixels as my eyes are getting bad and normal phones just don’t cut it any longer – I would love a 1GHz processor and perhaps 512MB RAM – A Capacitive Touch screen is a must so that I can get around the features – Android O/S – 4000mAh battery for a long off the charger use – TV/Video in/out so that I can use it with my Digital SLR Camera as a editing screen and even HDMI if possible- Wi-Fi with GPS capability would be… Read more Β»


    How do I open a dotppt file? Where can I get the s/w?


    Hey Guru Moody. I’m in the throws of deciding whether or not to go this way (heavily discounted Millenius SmartQ) or the Nintendo DSi for the kids at Christmas.

    Only things hassling me is that it doesn’t have camera capability, and I don’t know anything about Android Apps.

    Is it possible to hook a webcam into this machine for camera capability, and will kids find Apps/Games that will interest them on Android?



    Alright, I bought one, Anyone got any ideas how to read a USB Flash Drive? Android seems to pick it up but can`t mount it as a drive to view. Any ideas welcome.

    Josh Axey

    What you need to do is open up your file browser of choice (comes packed with ES File Manager I think?) then navigate to the root directory (The “/” button in the top left of the app), then scroll down to the fodler “scsi” and that is where the system automounts your flash drive.

    Hope that helps!


    That works, Awesome, thanks for that.


    Does it have a built in camera?

    Can you also more info on how facebook works great on the millennius smartq. For example can you do online chat?



    No Camera listed in the specs on the Millennius Website. Android has a Facebook app that is quite decent but doesn`t support Facebook chat(I`m happy to be corrected by anyone on this point) as far as I can tell from the standard app. Never investigated the Messaging clients like Fring to see if they do Facebook chat.


    @ jojo – Facebook works great on the millennius smartq..



    Have you tried using facebook on the tablet?


    Question, Im running a desktop with windows 7, can I use the this tablet to look at my files, videos, pictures etc on my destop pc via my wi fi system.


    If you`re running a DLNA server you can use AndroMote to view the contents there.


    Looks hot!


    “it won’t take Millennius long to push out the Android 2.2 update soon.”

    Is it confirmed that there will be an update?

    I’m definitely interested in the device.


    I asked about FroYo via Twitter and they replied FroYo will be coming in the new year.

    Buzz, did you connect a USB Thumbdrive to it? Does it show in Astro etc?


    Thanks for that.
    Now it’s very very tempting to get one.


    I bought one last week. I can read a usb thumb drive with the supplied file browser. The Ubuntu side of things works well too. I think it is good value for money at $199 inc shipping. I have a vodafone prepaid 3G dongle but have not had any success getting it to recognise it (drivers?).


    Just ordered one πŸ™‚ what a deal


    A mate and myself have both ordered one. I recon this review which really just gives a little bit of confidence to buy try a cheaper device will sell 20+ devices. Buzz you should have sorted a referral code or even a group purchase. Great site check it often. Mobile view does not work often since changingvfrom WordPress tho on desire.


    @chaosDave – Well this isnt a LG optimus… Are some people stupid, gees man.


    Wow no need to be an ass…

    They both have the same CPU specs, but the SmartQ is running a higher res thats why i’m surprised its framerate doesn’t suffer. Gees some people are stoopid


    it does play hd videos, read the review.
    and u can actually have flash… google it as peopple have done it with 2.1 therrs always a way for everything


    how was the framerate when playing angrybirds?


    thats interesting i saw a video of it playing on the LG Optimus 1 and it kept freezing up.


    How long will it be at this price for?


    Hey Moody can u check if we can play HD Videos from Youtube.



    Hi Moody,

    Thanks for that review. Yeah i’m ordering one too… Looks perfect as a device to use it on-the-go.



    But does it support flash?


    Oh and I love connecting it to my TV, its the best


    Does this have a screen that “auto rotates”? Also, how good is the wifi. What is the furtherest you have operated from the wireless modem? Thank you…….Love your work!!!!!


    @startledemu – I can say this is a really good unit. I bought one last week, so I missed out on the $199 and free shipping. I got it for $269.. Anyway, The wifi works really good, I take it outside and works fine, and have used it at maccas and maccas dont have good wifi. It doesnt have auto rotate, but it has a rotate function on the home page and you can select which way you want it.. This is actually doesnt even bother me, because I like to have it certain ways most of the time and… Read more Β»


    Hey Buzz, just some questions please~
    1) Can SmartQ play those higher-demand games like Asphalt 5 or other resource-intensive apps from the Android Market?
    2) Since it’s resistive screen, so no multi-touch then?
    3) Hows the movie playback? Had the earlier version of SmartQ and the video was choppy and interlaced badly.
    4) What do you think of the portability? Are you willing to take them around (Since it’s heavy and all)


    I was planning to get an Archos 70 ($275 sister-in-law is visiting from the US in a month). I know the Archos 70 has higher specs but otherwise how do you think they compare in terms of value for $?


    Id get the smartq, Cheaper, Local and the review is fantastic.
    I bought one too πŸ™‚

    Be fair....

    @Ahmed – I’ve looked around on the net, the Archos 70 is between $400 and $500 (depending on GB’s) – not $275? You’re not comparing apples with apples…. the SmartQ is about $200.


    I mentioned that I was getting it from the US. The 8GB version goes for $274.99.


    oops didn’t see update on page. sorry. so roughly two hours playback for an hd movie?


    if its still playing…for $199 im impressed


    Fantastic stuff mate


    I’m surprised this has enough grunt to run 720p/1080p. Interesting unit!


    Looking good, Does all what I need and for the price. It just fit the bill. πŸ™‚


    Yes your right, great value..
    Netbooks are out of date, who wants to carry around those these days..
    Everything is touchscreen and the tablets are the best thing IMO.

    Other os is called Ubuntu Linux.

    Good luck with your Netbook lmao



    Gary W

    Mine works for me πŸ™‚

    But you’re right, I haven’t spent much time with touchscreens. They’ll have to be amazingly good to match a real keyboard…

    Gary W

    Excellent value for money! What sort of storage does it have to dual-boot Android and that other OS? I’m more interested in Other since I intend to get an Android phone soon. But I have quite a good tablet with embedded keyboard (they used to call them netbooks), yes, with that other OS, so I don’t think I’m in the target market…


    Im sure there will be better products with everything out there..

    Just buy it for god sake, its only $199 with this price you could buy 5 of these for the price of the samsung or ipad..

    If your going to wait for something else, you will for ever be waiting because as soon as that comes out, there will be a new one coming after that.

    If everyone was like that, the world would be stuffed and no one will buy anything.

    Just do it.


    Great review Buzz. I’m tempted … but I’m also sure that better tablets (at a higher price point, granted) are just thinking about peeking their heads around the corner πŸ˜›


    OMG, thank you, what a great review. You answered all of my questions and I just purchased one..

    Thanks BUZZ!


    Does anyone know which carrier bands does this device support? Also has anyone seen the USB dongle actually plugged into this by any chance?


    Thinking of trialling one of these in a school library as an e-reader do you think it is suitable?
    What was the battery life outcome?