Winner: Well done to Andrew, who was chosen by both Millennius and ourselves as the winner of the competition!

After our review of the Millennius SmartQ tablet, Millennius were kind enough to let us give it away to one lucky reader, so thank you to them!

“But how do I enter?!”, you ask. Simple! Just leave a comment with what realistic specs you would like to see on a Millennius Tablet and how much you’d pay for it, between $299 and $499.

– 10″
– Capacitive multi touch screen
– 6500mAh battery
– G-sensor
– Dual cameras (3MP / 1.3MP)
– Price: $400

We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. But remember, keep it realistic, or your entry will be void. Entries close in 1 week (23rd)

The Small Print: Must be an Aussie resident, aged 18+. By entering you allow us to contact you for a postage address, otherwise we keep the prize! Winner will be chosen by Millennius.

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    – 15″
    – Capacitive hixen touch screen
    – 2400mAh battery
    – n-sensor
    – Dual cameras (5MP / 1.7MP)
    – Price: 2$0199.




    So… has a winner been chosen yet?


    Thanks. I need to pay more attention 🙂

    Josh Anderson

    7″ resistive/capacitive
    3G modem built in
    256mb RAM
    1GHz processor
    Android 2.2

    All of the other specifications I would keep the same to comply with the form factor, and still be a cheap and competative product aimed at a the same market as the V7.

    Price tag? $300ish

    David Craker

    I have a need already for a – 10″ Screen with at least 1024 x 768 pixels as my eyes are getting bad and normal phones just don’t cut it any longer – I would love a 1GHz processor and perhaps 512MB RAM – A Capacitive Touch screen is a must so that I can get around the features – Android O/S – 4000mAh battery for a long off the charger use – TV/Video in/out so that I can use it with my Digital SLR Camera as a editing screen and even HDMI if possible – Wi-Fi with GPS capability… Read more »

    Dave R

    Specs of what I’d have:
    – 9″ capacitive screen
    – car charger available
    – WiFi and 3G GPS capability
    – 512MB RAM
    – Onboard storage of at least 16GB
    – Multiple USB ports
    – RJ45 network port (if one can fit it in, or network adapter for USB to RJ45)
    – At least one SD/ Compact Flash card slot
    – At least one video output socket (i.e. DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc.) With connection for camera maybe optional extra
    Price around $400


    Perfect specs for me : Nvidia processor with built-in 3d graphics (tegra2?) 1 gig RAM 16 gig storage wifi N 7″ capacitive high-def (720P) display with multi-touch ability to play 1080i video through mini-HDMI port mini-SD slot with bundled 4gig card high quality 2mpixel front-facing camera for video calls and recording 3G modem on-board (or bundled dongle) good-quality speakers good-quality sound chip Android 2.3 2 USB2 ports, 1 USB3 port (dependent on price of usb3 hardware) g-sensor A-GPS bluetooth price hopefully about 400 I’m hoping to get the smartq for my kids – especially my autistic daughter… Are there plenty… Read more »


    My wish list specs are actually pretty simple. Just want a Tegra 2 processor with a working AOSP version of 2.2, without any proprietary UI stuffing things up…

    10″ Capacitive Screen
    Tegra 2 Processor
    1GB RAM
    Vanilla Android 2.2 with promises for 2.3 updates
    2 x USB slots
    MicroSD slot
    8GB Storage
    Blue Tooth
    Kick stand
    Mini HDMI out

    Price: $379

    Michael C

    Specs that id like to see:
    – 7″ capacitive screen
    – Market support
    – 1GHz Processor
    – ability to play 720p video (may need graphics processor)
    – decent battery to last normal working day and charge overnight
    – WiFi and 3G capability
    – 512MB RAM
    – Dual Micro sd storage slots (probably better than having internal storage)
    – USB – with the ability to charge off usb and not need power cable
    – HMDI out or mini hdmi
    – Dual boot: Android and Linux (not windows)
    – camera on front for USB/skype (2 or 3 MP)

    Price around $400


    Applying on behalf of my daughter Beth (aged 13).

    Android 2.1
    Android Market
    5.0 MP Camera with HD video recording
    7″ Capacitive Screen
    USB port
    8 GB storage
    Good speakers for good sound



    – 9″ 720p Touch Screen. – Android 2.2 (or 2.3 which ever is latest). – Wifi, with easy ability to tether to my phone (don’t need two data plans!). – 3mp rear facing and 1.3mp front facing cameras. – 8gb onboard storage, with SD expansion slot. – Light and slippery for getting in bags/pouches (like Galaxy S). – Tegra 2 processor seems popular (supply/demand = might get a good price!). – 1gb RAM. Hey man, RAM is cheap! – Pressure-sensitive [bluetooth] stylus would be an awesome (extra cost) accessory. – That means bluetooth obviously, which also allows Skype calls with… Read more »

    Android coffee

    7 inch
    Capacitive screen
    Amoled screen res
    Kick stand
    8gig user storage
    Physical back, home button s
    Hidden expandable memory, 3.5mm jack, mini usb ports
    Wifi a/b/g/n
    Metal alloy back and front

    John Hancock

    – Capacitive Multi Touch Screen – 1024 x 600 Screen Resolution – 512MB RAM – MiniSDHC or SDHC , hot-swappable – Android 2.2 Froyo or later – USB OTG – WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) – WiFi Hotspot capable (3 devices minimum) – Bluetooth 2.1 EDR – Built-in speakers – G-sensor – Kickstand – Front-facing – HDMI Out – Android Market support – 3.5mm microphone jack – 3.5mm headphone jack – 6000mah battery – 7″ 1024×600 screen (smallest dot pitch avail) – MicroUSB socket for charging. – GPS (for foursquare, twitter etc) – QWERTY slideout keyboard – Single USB port or MicroUSB… Read more »


    The spec I’d would love at the ideal price point

    – 7 inch display (854 x 480) Landscape
    – Capacitive Multi touch (4 point)
    – Android 2.2 or better.
    – Must have Android Market
    – 800Mhz – 1Ghz processor (Arm or Tegra)
    – OpenGL GPU
    – Memory 512Mb
    – Flash 512Mb
    – Normal SDHC expansion
    – WiFi 802.11bg
    – Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
    – Built-in speakers
    – Built-in stand
    – Built-in mic
    – Front VGA Camera
    – 720p smooth playback
    – G-sensor
    – Battery that goes 5 hrs watching video

    above with extra
    – 3mp camera
    – 3G


    – Capacitive Multi Touch Screen (Minimum 5 Points)
    – 1024 x 600 Screen Resolution
    – SDHC (Full Size / Standard)
    – Android 2.2 Froyo / Gingerbread (Flash Capable)
    – CPU ARM Cortex A8 at 1 GHz
    – Graphic accelerator 3D OpenGL ES 2.0
    – USB OTG
    – WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
    – Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
    – Built-in speakers
    – Built-in leg stand
    – Built-in Microphone
    – G-sensor
    – Front VGA Camera
    – Battery that last Minimum 5 hours on heavy Usage
    – Not heavier than 500g

    7inch – 10inch
    $299 – $349


    ** Millennius SmartQ 2.0 **

    -Android 2.1/2.2
    -7″ Capacitive Multi-Touch (Upgraded Screen)
    -1 GHz Processor (Improved Processor)
    -512 MB Memory (Double the Memory)
    -16 GB Storage (Double the Storage)
    -6500 mAH Battery (Longer Battery Life)

    ~Price: $499



    Specs of what I’d have:
    – 9″ capacitive screen
    – decent battery to last normal working day and charge overnight
    – WiFi and 3G capability
    – 512MB RAM
    – Onboard storage of at least 8GB
    – Multiple USB ports
    – RJ45 network port (if one can fit it in, or network adapter for USB to RJ45)
    – At least one SD card slot
    – At least one video output socket (i.e. DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc.)
    – Dual boot: Android and Linux (but not Ubuntu)
    – Included roll-up/foldable keyboard
    – Medium-res camera (2 or 3 MP)

    Price around $400


    My dream specs:
    – 10″ AMOLED or similar (so you can still read books under the big OZ sun)
    – Capacitive multi-touch screen
    – 6500mAh battery ( or can last up to 12 hours, in reading books)
    – Cameras (3MP), lens should like some ASUS laptops, has a physical lens on and off switch
    – comes with useful accessories, e.g. a foldable keyboard
    – Able to read PDF files like reading physical books (flip over feats etc)
    – Price: $449 (to beat ipads)


    Specs I’m really hanging out for in a tablet. – ARM Cortex A-9 (or Tegra 2) 1Ghz, OpenGL 2.0 – 10″ capacitive touchscreen, 1024×600 res – Wifi g/n – Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR – Micro Usb for charge & data – 3.5mm audio jack – Android 2.2 – 512MB RAM – 4G internal – microSD expansion – standard SD card expansion (how cool would a tablet be for portable preview / minor edit / email digital pics, I’d love this as an avid photographer!) – Android Market (long-shot, but we can dream) – Front facing camera (2mp+) – Lithium Polymer… Read more »


    Back to finish what I started… Need a better keyboard on the Galaxy!! (or less fat fingers from me!) -7” 720p screen, anything more raises the cost too far. Would be nice if it was close to edge to edge although a small lip on the very edge of the device to keep the screen from scratching when face down would be nice. -Processor probably 600Mhz to 800Mhz with dedicated graphics core. Optimizations of software will smooth operation and lower power will increase battery life. Graphics core would have to be able to output 1080p video smoothly. -Whatever size battery… Read more »

    Matt Dawson

    I’m interested in this type of device as an instant on, content consuming or lightweight browsing/email checking device around the home. Might also come out of the house to keep children amused in doctor’s waiting rooms, etc. With that in mind: – 7″ Screen with at least 800×480 pixels – 600MHz – 1GHz processor, preferably the higher end to better support flash/video – Stock Android 2.2 or better (including Android Market) – 512MB RAM – Capacitive Touch screen – 4000+ mAh – Front Facing Camera (ideally could use for Skype) – Wi-Fi (802.11G/N) – Accelerometer/gyro for detecting orientation – 8Gb… Read more »


    Wow, Thanks guys for giving us some good feedback.

    We are working on something really good that should reach most of your needs.

    Kind Regards
    Pierre Boutros
    The Millennius Team


    A nice big screen so I don’t have to zoom
    A fast processor for multi tasking
    Some HiFi speakers to make a boom
    For in its glory we will all be basking

    SD card so I can store heaps of stuff
    Wifi and 3G for easy connecting
    Quality components to make it tuff
    And market access so it can do anything

    Lots of RAM to make it fast
    A big battery so it goes on forever
    Price is no matter for this great beast
    Turns any Apple freak into an droid believer


    Mmm, for myself, probably: – 7-9 inch screen, above that seems too big, below seems like a giant smartphone. Resolution, I’m not so fussed as long as I can read what’s on the screen. – Capacitive touch screen, just because they seem less likely to be broken by pushing too much. – A battery that lasts more than 4hours. – ~800MHz, and 256MB RAM or more – basically anything faster than an iPhone 3GS. Software makes this a bit hard to predict. – Wifi/bluetooth, 3G isn’t important as I can’t afford nor manage a 3G data usage contract. – Keyboard/Mouse… Read more »


    7″ 720 screen, anything more raises the cost too far. Would be nice if it was close to edge to edge although a small lip on the very edge of the device to keep the screen from scratching when face down would be nice
    Processor probably 600 to 800 with dedicated graphics core, but really comes down to software optimization to utilize the cpu /gpu properly for smooth operation and longer battery life.
    Wifi a/b/g/n
    Gps would be nice

    Jacques Molloy

    10″ Capacitive screen
    16gb internal memory
    3.5mm jack
    Home button ( hardware )
    Bluetooth 2.1
    WiFi b/g/n
    2.8MP camera
    5hours usage 10 hours standby
    Android 2.2



    Well, I think anyone would like the following:

    8″ capacitive touch screen with multitouch enabled (enough resolution for 720p)
    1GHz SnapDragon
    1GB RAM
    8GB Onboard Storage
    8hr Battery Life – 5000mAh (with a power saver mode)
    Android 2.2(customised) with possibility of dual boot to linux
    5MP Camera with Dual Flash like the HTC DESIRE HD (720p Recording @30fps)
    Wifi b/g/n
    Bluetooth 2.0 or 3.0
    GPS (or optional GPS through bluetooth)
    MicroSD Slot (up to 32GB)
    MiniUSB for charging and connecting to computer
    3.5mm Headset Jack
    HDMI out (or DLNA)
    Lock button
    Volume buttons


    Price: $475


    Realistic.. 7 inch capacitive multi-touch mini usb (micro usb is smaller/weaker), n900 users know High power charger, 2A or more, microusb. Mini display port or hdmi. 802.11G (realistic price point/power requirement) Bluetooth SD or MicroSD (either or, if SD is cheaper so be it) 5mp front w/ flash and 1.3mp rear cameras 3.5mm headphone jack with standard headset support 512mb ram (ram is cheap these days) 600mhz+ cpu w/ 720p playback dsp 4 hours heavy use or 12 hours standby battery capacity. Gingerbread If possible more CPU to meet android 3 requirements? whatever is in the pipeline at the price… Read more »


    Love the site btw,

    I would love

    7″ inch capacitive screen (1024×768)
    Wifi b/g/n,
    3mp Camera on the Front
    6gb Inernal Storage
    Android 2.2
    800Mhz SnapDragon
    512mb of RAM
    SD Car Slot
    Battery: Enough to last a day.
    Docking Station,
    Car Kit,
    3.5mm headphone jack
    HDMI out

    NO 3G!!!!!!!!!!!

    Price: $350

    id purchase 2 right now who wants my credit card!

    This would be great 🙂


    I have been looking at Android tablets since I am developing a custom app to control my smart home (lights, media, AC, cameras). Whilst the current SmartQ could just about work for my needs, the following are an ideal set of specifications: * 7″ Display – Not so huge that it breaks your arms holding it, but large enough to see everything. * Capacitive Screen – Must be responsive to just the finger touch. I don’t want to pull out a stylus to use it reliably. * Fast processor – (Maybe A8 or A9 processor) Something capable of running flash… Read more »


    Key Usage: Home Entertainment, web browsing, video, games Needs: * 10″ screen for easy reading/watching/viewing in bed or on the coffee table * LONG POWER CORD, I’m so SICK of short cords that don’t let me use a device where I want to! * HDMI out for connection to TV * @ $499 NO 3g; Wifi a/b/g/n only * 512 Ram * SDHC card slot, 2gb pre-installed, user upgradable. * Front Camera only, * No GPS, not required at home * Largest battery possible at the price! * User replaceable battery. If someone wants to spend more on a bigger… Read more »


    Hi Guys,

    Thank you to all of you so far, The responses have truly been a great help and there are so many different specifications that you have provided to us that we can work with.

    Do keep them coming as we are very interested to see what most of you want.

    Kind Regards
    The Millennius Team


    – 7″ 10″ Screen with at least 840×400 to 600×1024 pixels
    – 600MHz – 1GHz processor
    – 512MB RAM
    – Capacitive Touch screen
    – Android 2.2 Froyo or upcoming 2.3 Gingerbread [with or without custom mods]
    – 4000mAh
    – TV-out [HDMI preferable]
    – Front Facing Camera
    – Wi-Fi
    – GPS


    – full-sized HDMI port
    – The kickstand
    – no crappy ‘bloat-ware’ android 2.2 update soon
    – 4500mAh battery
    – 600MHz CPU
    – full 7″ 840×400 pixels

    price $299


    To be honest, I think the SmartQ already totally trumps the too-often touted Telstra t-touch tablet. However, the next generation of the SmartQ could really stand out in the budget tablet crowd, if given a few improvements. 7” Capacitive Multitouch Screen, to provide the boost in usability that everyone is craving. 5000mAh battery, or perhaps even 6000mAh if Millenius could pull it off, to cram in even more time for watching full-length movies and gaming. This would be especially useful for those long-distance flights and other times when chargers are inaccessible. 800MHz Chip – by the time Millenius are ready… Read more »


    Android 2.2/2.3
    10 inch TFT LCD @ 1024×600
    *Capacitive multi touch screen*

    *Nvidea Tegra 2*
    768MB RAM
    8/16GB internal storage

    802.11 b/g/n, bluetooth
    10 hr battery life
    3MP/5MP autofocus camera with flash
    1.3MP front facing camera
    Headphone jack
    Speaker on the front

    HDMI out
    SD/micro SD–upto 32gb
    *Price $370*

    PS. optional 3G with 850Mhz as an option.

    Jake Oliver

    – 7″ Capacitive multi touch screen running at a res of 800×480 minimum – User Replaceable battery. – GPS/Bluetooth/Wifi/option to add SIM card for 3g – Froyo, or Gingerbread. – Minimum of 256mb onboard ram. Ability to upgrade with standard dd2 sodimms would be nice on these larger devices too – at least a 800mhz processor – Single front mounted camera. Can’t see myself using a tablet as a digital camera anytime soon. – 3.5mm headphone jack, and tv out of some sort. – Micro Usb, with host adaptor for a hardware keyboard. – 2gig onboard storage, expandable through sdhc… Read more »


    Android 2.2 7 inch TFT LCD @ 1024×600 Cortex A8@1GHz PowerVR SGX540 16GB internal storage 768MB RAM 802.11 b/g/n, bluetooth, no 3G 4,000 mAh battery minimum 3MP autofocus camera with flash 1.3MP front facing camera Headphone jack Speaker HDMI out! 2 x SD card slots! (lots of storage) 2 x USB 2.0 ports! Yes, this is a lightly modified version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, without the custom UI so there are no delays rolling out OS updates. Stock Android, all the way, and the hardware supports Gingerbread too, which is important as I expect to be using a tablet… Read more »

    Scott Sims

    Q1 2011 Entry Level device – Android 2.2 – 7″ LCD – 800×480 (Sufficient for 7″ device and works well with existing apps under froyo) – Capacitive multi touch screen – Stereo speakers – 2x 3.5mm headphone jacks – TI OMAP 3430 @ 600mhz (Cortex A8 with plenty of room to O/C for enthusiasts) – 7000mAh battery (Assuming space for ~5x Nexus One equiv battery) – GPS – Bluetooth 3.0 – Wireless B/G/N – DLNA – FM Radio & FM Transmitter – 512MB SDRAM – G-Sensor – Dual cameras (5MP / 1.3MP) Capable of 1280 x 720 px at 30… Read more »


    Price: AUD 400 10″ wide screen (Ideal size for a tablet) Capacitive, multi touch screen (multi touch is a given for today’s Tablets) 800MHz processor (decent speed to multimedia) Accelerometer (for orientation) GPS and Digital Compass (for location services) Android 2.2 Froyo (at least) Google Market WiFi g/n (to stream from your network storage) ~512MB RAM (just the basics for running stuff) micro SD card slot (this is where all the data goes) USB (for USB drives) Micro USB (for charging and USB access to internal SD card) HDMI out (Video and Audio out) Physical Volume buttons (quick access to… Read more »

    Jeni Skunk

    – Dual 10″ (booklet form)
    – Capacitive multi touch screen
    – 6500mAh battery
    – G-sensor
    – HD Carl Zeiss Lens camera 8mp
    – Wireless N
    – DLNA
    – Kickstand
    – Dolby Stereo
    – Price: $499
    – 3 USB slots
    – Sick Tablet cover for protection but also stylish design 😛


    Some great ideas, makes for dry reading though people. Rather than just post some boring specs, thought I’d give a little insight into my thoughts as an almost-there-customer. 1.Capacitive vs. Resistive Just like Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD and VHS vs. Beta before it, the war is over already, capacitive wins by a length. Anyone who has laid a finger on an iDevice cannot go back to struggling with resistive. It doesn’t matter which is better/more accurate/cheaper anymore. Stop making resistive panels as fast as you can to avoid losing money. Going by people’s wishlists so far, screen size could be just… Read more »


    I was going to write my own set of specs but I have now decided to endorse this post instead. The stuff posted here sums up all what I wanted to say. Please make note of pint 3. with Android releases coming out as fast as they have, people really do want to be able to install the latest stock android on their phone/tablet. It seams to me that if the manufacturers spent more time making sure that their devices would be compatible with future andriod releases and less time working on their own version of a crappy interface, they… Read more »


    Thanks man, it was a bit of a rant I admit, but it seemed like someone might actually be listening.

    Lately I’ve been following the Advent Vega in the UK for 250pounds. Seems to have ticked every box on my list except the screen. That’s about $404 AUD at the time of this post.

    Actual release hasn’t happened yet and reviews are frustratingly few and far between but it’s the closest to what I want so far. When iFixit breaks one open we’ll see if you can get PixelQi in there.


    Something like the following would be great!

    – 8 inch
    – 1ghz Snapdragon
    – Capacitive multi touch screen
    – 802.11 b/g/n wifi
    – 3G 850/2100 mhz band!
    – Battery that would last a minimum of 12 hours on standby
    – G-sensor
    – 512 MB RAM
    – 4 GB in built
    – SD Card Support
    – 3.5mm audio jack
    – Price: $499 and i think this is a realistic price also one i would be willing to pay for a android tablet with those specs.


    8.9 inch capacitive display scrren w multi touch
    800mhz processor
    256mb ram
    3.5m headphone jack
    usb input to pp;ay songs/movies
    divx support
    4 capactive buttons
    802.11 b/g/n wifi
    usb 3g support
    3g sim card data
    twin 3.2mp camera back and front
    android gingerbread
    bluetooth 3.0
    4gb inbult memory expandable sd card
    a-gps support
    6500mah battery rechargable



    Video: 1080P
    Ports: USB, HDMI, Video Out
    Android: At leart 2.1
    Connectivity: b/g/n, bluetooth, and 3g,
    Audio: 3.5mm; stereo loudspeaker; microphone
    CPU: 800 MHz
    Card Reader: SD/MMC/MS/MS-PRO
    Storage: 8GB+
    Memory: 512 mb+
    Display: 8.0+ inch Touchscreen (800×480)
    Camera: 3 mp+


    I would like to see a android tablet something like: 10″ Screen (Must be capacitive multi touch, but SLCD or AMOLED not so important) 800MHz + Processor (Should come down in price with faster coming right?) 802.11 b/g/n 3G HSDPA On 850/900/1800/1900/2100 etc (All carriers frequency!) 512MB Ram 512MB Rom (Hopefully Gingerbread will improve Apps2SD) SDHX Slot (Upto 2048GB, when the cards are made! 😉 ) Bluetooth v4 (would be nice and low power!) HDMI (Or mini with HDCP) and 3.5mm output Physical buttons Track ball / button G-Sensor (For rotation) Vanilla Froyo with update to Gingerbread (And beyond) Option… Read more »


    Oh and somewhere near the $499 mark I think!


    800 MHz processor
    Capacitive Touch Screen
    802.11 b/g/n
    3G and Phone Call
    512mb RAM
    4GB Storage with Support of 32 GB card
    Bluetooth or Wireless KeyBoard Support
    HDMI and 3.5mm Jack
    Price : $500


    – 7″
    – 1ghz Snapdragon
    – Capacitive multi touch screen
    – 802.11 g/n wifi
    – Support 3G
    – 6500mAh battery
    – G-sensor
    – 16 GB built in storage
    – SD Card up to 32GB
    – 3.5mm audio jack
    – Price: $450


    What I’d like: HD support with HDMI output 1ghz Snapdragon or equiv. a screen between 7 and 10.1″. Would be nice if it was IPS and verified by some important standards company, and compliant to Adobe RGB98 Autorotation, gyroscope, digital compass, GPS USB and SD card support (CF via USB) A range of flash storage drives (to help photographers in the field) up to 64gb (128 would be nice but as a luxury) Wifi b/g/n An option for 3G Microphone and speaker support via headset (you can’t have everything!) USB compatible camera as an added extra (it’s not needed, and… Read more »