I can’t confirm myself that this update works as I just sold a Dell Streak that I had, though I’ve been reassured that it’s the real deal. If you navigate your Android 1.6 powered Dell Streak from Optus to the following link (http://mobileupdate.dell.com/?version=GAUSB1A110100) it should send you on your way to Frozen Yoghurt goodness.

If you have a Dell Streak running 1.6, we’d love for you to try it and tell us how you go. We’re not responsible for any damage or anger brought upon your Dell Streak if things go badly, or you void warranty, or Optus doesn’t like you anymore, or if 2012 is the end of the world.

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Hey i just updated to 2.2 on my Optus Streak and iam un able to view my contacts on my sim or in the backup i created. I have restarted and tried again many times, but nothing has worked…ideas??


Oh plus every half an hour my touch screen freezes and crashes. I have not rooted it or done anything of that nature to it.


My streak has no offically carked it for now that is. I keep having the screen flash black screen is seized up….has anyone else come across this at all??


Anyone else having problem with the 3G network? ever since the update its always has the icon H and it keeps switching to the 3G icon but then when it does my internet cuts out =/

George Embrey

I installed Froyo and it worked well straight up with the following exceptions: LEAP support should be built in to the WiFi configuration options so that Enterprise clients can make use of the Dell Streak. Also either “fix” the Android Email Application or replace it with K-9 Mail so that Email works correctly for IMAP from day one. The built-in Email Application fails dismally as a client to several commonly deployed IMAP Servers, whilst K9-Mail works flawlessly. root User Access should also be provided to end users upon request and after they have signed an agreement that if they break… Read more »


Is anybody else having trouble joining contacts from facebook and google together on Froyo?

Erick M

I think I bought your Streak! Did you sell it last week on ebay!?

However yes the update works, I am now on Build 12332 and running very well.


Updated mine….. it took only 10 minutes to finish the installation. All connectivity works fine, wifi working, 3G working. I didn’t loss my APN.


Nice to see Optus get the Froyo update for the Streak out in a somewhat-timely manner.

I’m still waiting on Froyo for the Milestone that they’ve been delaying over and over again.


Are these only purchasable via Optus in aus?


@Luth, they sure are. Free on $59 cap.


getting an error message after 40% of install is done
“FOTO model name mismatch , system will reboot in 30 sec”
please help
brought this from optus 🙁


Hey. Loving the new update. I’m just having one problem.

I cant load web pages in the standard browser. It sits there attempting to load for a bit then says that the page is unavailable.

Its not a network problem because I’m getting emails, facebook and apps download. Opera mini works too. Its just the standard browser that doesn’t work.

Anyone else having this problem?


Hey man thanks for the sideload tip – worked like a charm. The only thing I ask for folks around here on a streak – is your headphone volume a little weak when playing back media?


Here is the direct link to the update.


Handy if you don’t have wifi and dont want to download 150MB on 3G.


I updated my streak officially from my stock rom without having to chew up 150mb of my 3G data (I dont have wifi at work). This is what I did. 1. Download the pkg file from http://mobileupdate.dell.com/PackageProductionLocations/Streak_309_0_00.pkg 2. Copy it to your sdcard. 3. Rename it to Update.pkg 4. Turn off your phone. 5. Hold down the volume up, volume down and power button together until it turns on. 6. Select option 2 ‘Software upgrade via Update.pkg on SD Card’ by using your volume buttons and select with the shutter button. 7. Think, did you remember to backup? 8. Press… Read more »


You can always backup and restore your APN settings by installing a app called “APN Backup and Restore” suck backs up your Apn details to your Self card.


“or if 2012 is the end of the world.”

If this turns out to be true, I’m so going to punch you in the face.


ok this really sucks considering the Streak hasn’t been out here as long as the SGS, yet we still haven’t got our Froyo update!

bollocks to Optus and Samsung making us wait so long! 😐


oh and optus seem to either not mind, or not know enough about the streak to care about early updating: my friend went into the store to get his APN re-inserted since he didn’t know it would wipe and there was no problems…

according to devs the streak is almost impossible to brick as well, so go nuts peoples! get up to date on the latest android (for a couple of weeks till we’re stuck waiting for gingerbread for 6 months :p)


it works, it deletes the APNs on some devices, but that’s easy to fix, either by writing down the APN (settings-> wireless networks-. mobile networks->Access Point Names, hit optus, then copy down the numbers…) mine didn’t delete my APN, but i did have to toggle it back on, which is the same except instead of clicking on optus yesinternet, you just toggle the little round button on the right side and it immediately works… I was on stephen hyde’s froyo rom before, great to see dell finally got around to the job we’ve all been waiting for, 2.2 makes it… Read more »